October 2013 Honors Ceremony

On Thursday and Friday in the morning, students with a GPA higher than 3.30 were invited to celebrate their success with their parents ant their peers. Sophomores and Juniors celebrated on Thursday, and Seniors celebrated on Friday. Parents who wished could watch the ceremony and congratulate their student afterwards with a cookie.

It was even more pleasing for students who had a GPA higher than 3.74 and received High Honors. Even more pleased were the students who received High Honors two times in a row. If a student receives High Honors two times in one year, he or she can receive a letter in academics.

If you didn’t get Honors or High Honors, it’s not too late! This ceremony was for second semester of last year! Keep up grades and try your best and you could get High Honors for both semesters this year.

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Foreign Exchange Student Welcome Party

IMG_2484Thursday during 6th Hour, Ms. Rise and her IB Geography SL class held a welcome party for the foreign exchange students that are here at Highland this year. We have seven students from seven different countries, and one student that was an exchange student last year and is back in America on a three week visit. Ms. Rise and her class planned the party at the beginning of the year as a way to integrate the students into the Highland community and to make them feel welcome. They each decided to bring a standard American food to show the foreign exchange students some examples of “classic American cuisine.” American foods brought to the party included: Cherry Coke, Kemps Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (Minnesota connection), McDonalds cheeseburgers, homemade snickerdoodle cookies, and pumpkin pie.

It was a great party and it was mutually enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Being a geography teacher at an IB World School, Ms. Rise passionately believes in foreign exchange programs and the power of being able to learn so up close and personal about the experiences of high school students in different parts of the world. Here’s the list of exchange students we have at Highland for the 2013-2014 school year:

Name Country
Mohammad Jordan
Nadia Indonesia
Luis Spain
Dima Ukraine
Cecilie Norway
Marcel Hungary
Maria Guatemala

Photo From Foreign Exchange Student Welcome Party


If you would like to learn more about the foreign exchange program at Highland, you can contact Ms. Rise in Room 2201, or at: kari.rise@spps.org / 651.744.3890

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