Featured Activity – The Giving Tree (HPGT)

A new club was formed at Highland! The HP Giving Tree (originally named Philanthropy Club) held it’s first meeting in Ms. Menke’s room (2203) Thursday after school. The mission of HP Giving Tree (HPGT) is to give back to the community, here at Highland and elsewhere. The name of the club was inspired by the classic children’s picture book “The Giving Tree”, written by Shel Silverstein.


At today’s meeting, an overview of the club was presented to the group. Through projects and community service, HPGT strives to spread the importance of giving back. A good chunk of time was spent brainstorming different topics as well as everyone introducing themselves and getting to know each other. If you’re interested in learning more about HPGT, talk to Ms. Menke or come to the next HPGT meeting: Thursday October 31st (Halloween candy will be present!) right after school in Room 2203. 

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