Volunteer opportunities this summer

Charity Donations Fundraising Nonprofit Volunteer Concept – Image taken from: https://idealistcareers.org/creative-holiday-volunteering/

The 2019 summer vacation is fast approaching, and though all you can think about is school being done and finally having time to relax and enjoy your long break, what is it that you’ll be doing – sitting on the couch all day with the fan on blast picking at your nails? Come on!

There’re so many great things to do, and volunteering is one of them. Volunteering is a great way to spend your summer as you’re not only helping people, you’ll learn about yourself and do some good work.

Hopefully, now you’re interested, and want to know more, so here are some volunteering opportunities and where are they located – keep reading to see 10 amazing ones!

Animal Rescue Shelter: There are lots of local animal shelters in the Highland area, for example the Highland Animal Shelter and the Highland Humane Society. You can gain many office skills from volunteering here such as answering emails, fielding phone calls, and providing general administrative assistance. You can even earn cash by making connections with staff or customer’s and offering to walk their dogs, it makes for a great part-time-job and you’re staying happy and healthy; I mean who doesn’t like animals?!

National Parks: Volunteering at a national park is more than just cleaning litter, if you like history or nature, this is defiantly the path to go. You can explore the fascinating historical sights and learn more about it history as you complete your volunteering hours. Places like the Mississippi River National Park or Fort Snelling are definitely a history buff’s dream come true.

Food Pantries: Food pantries and soup kitchens can always use a helping hand organizing things like food drives, raising money, or even simply handing out meals to those in need. Offering any of your services to these organization is great, some local food pantries include the Neighborhood House and Francis Basket Food Shelf.

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity offers various locally targeted volunteer opportunities. If you’re interested in architecture, design, or engineering, then this program allows you to gain experience by completing home repair and maintenance. check out its A Brush With Kindness campaign or the Women Build program, designed specifically to help women learn construction skills. This will allow you to gain leadership, team-building and construction skills.

Local Libraries: Libraries, such as our own Highland library, never refuse help. They typically need help organizing shelves, setting up public events – such as book fairs, and much more. You can even ask to design ads for these events allowing you to add more to your resume!

Art Museums: If you’re interested in art, working in a art museum can allow you to gain invaluable experience. Surrounding yourself with timeless works of art you can soak up art knowledge and acquire administrative skills. If you’re interested, try the Minnesota Museum of American Art

Political Campaigns: If you’re passionate about government, politics and current news consider offering to help a local candidate you feel good about. No politician gets elected without volunteers manning the phones. This type of office work can help you gain valuable experience. It will also help you establish contacts if you’re interested in politics as a career

YMCA: At the YMCA, you can volunteer to help people of all ages, strengthening your leadership skills by teaching a class in any sport or activity you’re interested in. Check your local YMCA’s website, or simply walk in to find out more about their opportunities. whether you want to be active or gain desk job experience, the YMCA has something for you.

Retirement Homes: Retired people love exciting new classes or activities to try. Teaching these people something fun and interesting, while showing of you’re skills, seems like a wonderful volunteering opportunity. If you’re good at public speaking, maybe recite some poems or historical speeches. If you’re good with computers, lend you’re services to show the senior citizens how to use it. Whatever it may be chances are, they want to learn, but no one has ever taken the time to give them the proper instruction.

Red Cross: The American Red Cross has an extensive list of jobs available to help those in need and allows you to bolster your resume at the same time. If you don’t like giving blood, greeting and assisting customers could be an option. You’re skills may make you a good fit got multiple jobs such as grant writing, clerical tasks, and maintaining.

Volunteering doesn’t take any special skills or extensive experience – and there’s never a shortage of organizations looking for help. Now you have a multitude of ways to spend your summer, and no matter whether you are an animal person, or an art person, there’s one out there for you! So take this short list as inspiration and find your favorite! Who knows, maybe it’s the start of your lifelong success!

The list above is adapted from  https://www.moneycrashers.com/good-places-volunteer-opportunities-organizations/ 

Spirit week at HPSH

HPSH’s spirit week is here – February 19 to 22. During spirit week, students are encouraged to dress up based on the allotted schedule, and are expected to attend the pep fest.

The pep fest will occur Friday, February 22, 7th period (1:12-2:00) in the main gym. Your 7th period teacher should bring you down when the time is right, there will also be an announcement over the loud speakers to notify the teachers when to come down (we are assuming they are calling down by floors). Please do not bring your backpack (or any bag) to the gym. You can leave it in your (locked) 7th period teacher’s classroom or locker.

Because students and staff did not go to school Monday due to Presidents’ Day, there will be four dress up days. Tuesday is “dress like a teacher day.” For Tuesday, you could dress like your favorite teacher using wigs, clothing, hats, and/or shoes.

Wednesday is pajama day, so make sure to wear your favorite onesie or most comfortable sweatpants.

Thursday is jersey day. On Thursday you can wear any jersey, or sports apparel you own, to represent your favorite sports team.

Friday is class colors day, where students wear the colored t-shirt that coordinates with their grade. (freshmen wear yellow, sophomores wear green, juniors wear blue, and seniors wear red.)

Also, please be mindful that you are not mocking anyone during this week by dressing up like them (A.K.A on Tuesday, teacher look alike day). Please keep all your outfits school appropriate and all outfits MUST show your face at all times. Remember to have fun at the pep fest, but also be respectful to everyone who is performing.    

When we asked HPSH students what they thought of spirit week, many said that they appreciated the opportunity and thought it was fun. However, “It’s not really as fun as it would be if everyone participated,” one student explained. Many students agreed with this. Some even admitted to not taking part; “Spirit week is really fun…but I usually don’t participate.”

Because of the lack of participants in spirit week, not all students dress up. “Sometimes you’re just worried that other people won’t do it, and even if you wanted to, you chicken out,” one person told us. “You’re worried others will think it’s weird.”

Spirit week is much more fun if everyone does it! Show your school spirit by dressing up with everyone else.

Sports schedule for: Nov 12-18

MONDAY DATE:  November 12, 2018
TBD Basketball: Girls JV Practice Begins vs. Central, Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, Washington Middle School
TBD Gymnastics: Girls Varsity Practice Begins vs. Central, Como Park, Johnson
4:00 pm Basketball:  Girls C Squad Practice Begins vs. Central, Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, Washington Middle School
7:00 pm Basketball:  Girls Varsity Practice Begins vs. Central, Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, Washington Middle School
TUESDAY DATE:  November 13, 2018
7:00 pm Hockey: Girls Varsity Game St. Paul/Henry Sibley Riveters vs Minnehaha Academy @ Minnehaha Ice Arena
WEDNESDAY DATE:  November 14, 2018


THURSDAY DATE:   November 15, 2018
FRIDAY DATE:   November 16, 2018
5:00 pm Hockey: Girls JV Game Eveleth-Gilbert vs St Paul/Henry Sibley Riveters @ West St Paul Ice Arena
6:30 pm Adapted Soccer – PI: Varsity State Tournament Mounds View vs. St. Paul Humboldt Hawks @ Stillwater H.S.
7:00 pm Hockey:  Girls Varsity game Eveleth-Gilbert vs. St.  Paul/Henry Sibley Riveters @ West St. Paul Ice Arena

History of home video game consoles

Video games started to slowly get more popular in the mid, and end of, the 1900’s. But originally they were played on computers, until 1972, when the world was introduced to the Odyssey, by Magnavox, the first home console video game system. Slowly though, the hype for the system died because of how basic it was.

Image taken from: http://www.classiccmp.org

The next big video game console to be released was the Atari 2600, from Atari, which began the second generation of video game consoles.

But then, in 1983, due to the competition against computers, and low quality over hyped games, the video game console market crashed in America leading to the bankruptcy of many video game companies.

The video game market in America recovered with the release of the Nintendo entertainment system (NES), and the robotic operating buddy (R.O.B). To get consumers to buy the original NES, it was marketed as a toy with the inclusion of R.O.B.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

With the release of the NES, they also released many important video game franchises such as Super Mario (originally from the Donkey Kong arcade game), and Legend of Zelda just to name a few.

Then, in 1989, Sega released the Genesis to compete with Nintendo after their last console, the Sega Master System, couldn’t compete with the NES. With the Genesis being a stronger system (being 16 bit over the NES being 8 bit), having good marketing, and releasing the game Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo and Sega began the first console war.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

Image taken from: https://www.dkoldies.com









With the release of violent video game series such as Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat Sega created the entertainment software rating board (ESRB) rating system which is still used today. Nintendo then released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). But the Genesis, having been released before, and for other reasons, had jump started ahead of the SNES.

With further advancements with technology the video game market was hit with the first true 3D games with the 5th generation of consoles. It began with Sega releasing its 32 bit console the Sega Saturn. It was the first video game console to use CDs instead of cartridges.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

Then there was the PlayStation which was the first console that Sony had made. It was created after a failed attempt of an add on to a Nintendo console for discs. It was cheaper than the Saturn and was the most popular console for the fifth generation.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

The last console for the 5th generation was the Nintendo 64, which hinted in its name that it was a 64 bit console. It still used cartridges, which were technologically inferior to CDs, but even so, it still had many critically acclaimed games. It wasn’t good enough to beat the PlayStation though.

During the sixth generation there were 4 big major consoles released. The PlayStation 2, the Xbox, the Nintendo Gamecube, and the Sega Dreamcast. The PlayStation 2, which was the first video game console to use dvds for games, still was on top. It was so popular it still is the best selling video game console of all time.

Image taken from: https://www.extremetech.com

Image taken from: https://comicbook.com

The Xbox, which came from Microsoft, had some good success starting a fan base that would widely expand itself to very large numbers today. However, originally the first Xbox couldn’t compete with the PlayStation 2.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

The Dreamcast was Sega’s last attempt at a console before becoming a third party video game creator. Sega attempted things ahead of its time, such as online gaming, which did very poorly when first introduced.

Image taken from: https://www.retrogamer.net

The Nintendo Gamecube was released in 2001. Though it released games loved by fans today, it couldn’t catch as much hype as its predecessors. So, the Gamecube couldn’t compete with the PlayStation 2 either.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

The seventh generation of consoles brought with it the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3, which was able to read Blu-Ray discs, had finally found competition with the other consoles.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

The Xbox 360, had similar technical capabilities compared to the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 also had good internet capability, which was a score for Microsoft because they were finally catching up with Sony.

Image taken from: https://www.lifewire.com

The Nintendo Wii, being the most successful console of this generation, outsold the PlayStation and the Xbox by a pretty good amount. With its innovation with the motion controlled controllers, it appealed to a non hardcore, and family friendly, demographic. It also had video games more active then ever before

The current generation of consoles, the eighth, began with the Wii U, a successor to the Wii. From bad marketing and many other reasons the Wii U was a commercial failure.

It was followed by the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Both have been very successful in their own rights, and have been re-released as the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro to support 4K resolution gameplay.

Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org

Image taken from: https://www.redbull.com

Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, has been one of the most innovative thus far. Being a handheld and home console hybrid it also features a controller similar to the Wii controllers, and has been very successful due to its innovativeness. Its first party support, with multiple critically acclaimed games has also helped make it popular.

Image taken from: https://www.amazon.com


2017 Senior Send Off

Last Friday was the annual Senior Send Off. All the classes were called down by floor.

When everyone was seated, Dr. Tucker spoke about how everyone should follow their dreams.

Ms. Rohweller-Kocur spoke about the teachers and staff who were retiring. Ms. Ship, the vice principal for juniors and seniors, Marvel, from the health start clinic, Sr. Rios, a Spanish immersion teacher, Ms. Sherrod, the personal finance teacher, and Ms. Harrison, the school nurse, are all retiring after this school year.

photo courtesy of Rose Patzner Wahlberg via Facebook

After saying goodbye to them, Ms. Rohweller-Kocur invited the senior student council representatives to address their class.

Next, Ms. Ship gave some inspirational advice.

Ms. Ships’ speech was followed by messages to the seniors from their siblings. While some were funny and meant as a joke, others were very sweet and full of emotion.

The last part of the assembly, before the seniors got to leave, was the senior slide show. The slide show contained pictures of the seniors throughout their lives as students.

When the slide show ended, the seniors were allowed to leave through the passage in the middle of the gym. The passage was lined with teachers saying good-bye to their former students.

The Senior Send Off is a great way to congratulate the seniors and celebrate the fact that the next chapter of their life is beginning.


Newspaper class

Newspaper class, which is held in Ms. Lingofelt’s room (2205), is looking for those of you who have an interest in being able to write about things like: school events (such as sports and school life), events that take place around the world, and even how to tips like things to make for holidays! If you want a place to be able to write about something that you want people in our school to know about, then Newspaper is the class for you.

In this class, every other week you are required to come up with an article pitch: something school appropriate and interesting (of course if you run out of ideas you can always ask the teacher for some ideas as well). The following week (the week when you don’t have a pitch due), on Friday, is when your actual article is due.

This class is very fun, and it comes with many opportunities, such as being able to do interviews – which means meeting new people, or even being able to get concert tickets. The opportunities are really endless.

So, if you have any interest at all, or if you are a person who loves to write, then this class is for you! Join this class for the next school year, and I promise you won’t regret it!


Newspaper t-shirts for sale

The Plaid Line, is going to be selling t-shirts for $10 each. The shirt is red with a white colored font.screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-9-42-42-amscreen-shot-2017-02-01-at-9-42-50-am

Please contact a newspaper student, or Ms. Lingofelt, in room 2205, if you are interested in buying a shirt!

Hmong Youth Summit

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-24-27-amMinnesota has a very large Hmong community. Today there are more than 66,000 Hmong people living here in Minnesota, and many of those people live here in St. Paul. Because of this, Johnson High School wants to invite all Hmong youth students to their Hmong Youth Summit to come and learn more about their culture.

On Thursday, October 20, Johnson High School, located on 1349 Arcade St., Paul, MN 55106, will be holding an event that goes from 8am to 4pm, and it’s free to all students. This event will include free breakfast and lunch. They will also be showing a movie, named 1985, that is based off of the lives of those Hmong people who had traveled after the war.

There will also be workshops going on throughout the day, where each workshop is there to help the Hmong youth learn new things about their culture. This is to help the youth find out who they are, and to also meet new people from different schools.

This event is one that you will have to register for so if you want to be able to attend you need to register at http://bit.ly/hmongyouthsummit


NHS Scots Stroll

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-10-52-12-amThis year’s NHS Scot’s Stroll will be on October 13th from 1:12pm to 2:00pm. NHS Scot’s Stroll is where HPSH students, staff, and parents walk around the school’s athletic fields. The reason for the stroll this year is to raise money to donate to a local women’s shelter. The stroll is sponsored by Highland Park Senior High School’s National Honor Society.

The participants will have to go one lap around the track then walk around baseball fields/soccer fields and then another lap around the track. Participants can be anyone from Highland Park: students, staff, and/or parents.

Why should you join the stroll? Well, this is a healthy exercise that will help donate money to a local women’s shelter. The stroll requires a $15 pledge, but you will also be given a t-shirt.

If anyone wants to join, the dead line for the pledges to be turned in is on Wednesday, October 12th. Pledges should be turned in to Stacy Hanson in the Main Office.

To those who can’t pledge $15, but still want to participate, you should see Ms. Landreau in room 1312 or Ms. Hanson in the Main Office.

Contacts for any further questions:

Stacy Hanson at stacy.hanson@spps.org or 651-744-3804

Charlotte Landreau at charlotte.landreau@spps.org or 651-744-3887

The Plaid Line


The Plaid Line 2015-16

Newspaper will be a class run by Ms. Lingofelt during the next school year. Newspaper is a class where students get to write articles to put on the Highland Park Senior High The Plaid Line website. For those students who love to write, this class would be a good class to take.

Students are responsible for writing an original article every other week. The first week is pitch week: pitch week is when students come up with article ideas to write about. The second week is article week: final articles need to be submitted by the end of article week. Newspaper is a pretty chill class where students just write. Articles can be about school, world issues or just anything.

Students here are nice and open, they are very funny people. If students choose to write an article where they can interview someone in the school, they will be given a pass to go interview the person only if that person is free during the hour.

Newspaper would love to have more students, hopefully, in the next school year there will be more students. Hopefully, in the next school year, there will be many different articles published.