Oromo people

By: Yumna Abajebel

The Oromo people are a native ethnic group from a region in Ethiopia called Oromia. They speak the language Oromo and are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. The majority of the people are Muslim and the other half is either Waaqeffannaa or Christians. Waaqeffannaa is an ethnic religion, they believe in Waaqa Gurr’ach. Which means ‘the black god’, meaning that their god is dark and mysterious and you cannot reach or see him.

The Oromo people also use a democratic system of governance. How it works is every eight nights, the Oromo people choose nine leaders that will remain in power for the next eight years.

The Oromo people are divided into two branches called Borana Oromo and Barento Oromo. Oromia contains 22 zones with different tribes.

The most common ones are Arsi zones and Bale zones. The Arsi zone is made up of 25 smaller cities and is bordered on the south by the Bale Zone. The Bale zone also contains 13 smaller cities within.

Oromo people are known for their coffee, food and dances. Their coffee comes from a city called Jimma. Their most popular and delicious food is the injera platter with cooked collard greens, red and yellow lentils, and spicy stew called doro wat.

The Oromo people are a unique and special ethnic group that is underrated and overlooked.

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