Tarot cards

By: Maya Breininger

Tarot cards, (pronounced tare-oh) are a way of mediating with your spiritual side, and connecting with what the universe is trying to tell you. They are a method of translating between your internal desires and the world, they give you advice, and they’re a fun way to connect with yourself.

Tarot cards originate from the early 1430s in Italy, and it is custom for them to be given to you as gifts. It contains five suits; Swords, Cups, Sticks, Wands, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Each suit represents a different law of spirituality, and depending on how you set up your cards, each one can mean different things.

When picking your cards, the spiritual pull to them is the most important thing to consider. You can visit your local mall with a Witch healing store inside, or a small business associated with witchcraft. The location is irrelevant; you can just as easily purchase them online. As long as you feel a sort of connection to the cards you pick, you have picked the right cards.

Seeing as the cards are generally tools of guiding you through your life, there are different set-ups that will tell you different things about your life. For example, a Celtic Cross spread will allow you to identify your present life, your current problems, and what obstacles lay in your way.

There are card spreads that will reveal your past, your present, your love life, your problems and your ambitions. You can also create your own spreads, and once you’re comfortable with your cards you can use them as you like.

Tarot cards are part of many different spiritual rituals, and if you are a person who is trying to achieve the witch healing lifestyle, I definitely recommend you start by purchasing your own pack of tarot cards.

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