Tony’s restaurant review

By: Mae Skold

Tony’s restaurant is a quaint Italian restaurant in the heart of Monaco. Monaco is a luxurious, beautiful city-state right next to France on the sea. Being just a few hours away from Italy, Tony’s restaurant knows how to cook real, authentic Italian food. The outdoor seating and hospitality right when you get to the door lure people into the restaurant.

When walking down the beautiful street the restaurant’s on, the owners of Tony’s are there to greet you. After getting seated at the table, the menu given is filled with endless pastas, pizzas, salads, each one better than the next.

For an appetizer I recommend the Caprese salad. It has fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and garden grown basil that all tie together beautifully. The balsamic glaze and olive oil served with it are also great flavor enhancers. This dish is the perfect start to your meal.

For entrees I recommend two, the carbonara and the pesto pasta. The pasta is home made fresh in the restaurant and cooked to a perfection. The carbonara is tossed in a creamy, peppery sauce and topped with prosciutto. This salty, creamy pasta is a must when ordering. The pesto is made with the same fresh pasta but cooked in a butter, basil pesto sauce. This pasta is light and a more refreshing option on the menu; perfect for warm weather.

To finish off your meal Tony’s offers a variety of traditional Italian gelato flavors. They make their own gelato in house and have up to 15 flavors to choose from. A fan favorite is the espresso flavored gelato that has espresso churned into the gelato. This desert is the perfect end to a delicious meal.

Tony’s truly has everything to offer when it comes to a restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, the people and charm is its hook. If visiting Monaco, make sure you stop in Tony’s restaurant.

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