Popular spring sports

By: Thea Berg and Rose Ramadan

As students in High School, there are many different sports that our classmates and friends play during spring. Many schools offer a variety of spring sports such as softball, baseball, track and field, golf, boys tennis, badminton, lacrosse, and club sports such as disc or frisbee golf. But apart from the sports our school provides some other popular spring sports include rowing, or fencing. All of these sports reach out to different audiences, so each sport has a large variety of people playing.

Springtime sports participation is both enjoyable and important. Spending more time outside is a crucial aspect that starts to influence our lives as the weather starts to become warmer. People’s ability to spend as much time outside depends on a variety of factors, including work, school, and other responsibilities. You may gain fitness while enjoying time outside in the warm weather by signing up for a spring sport.

One popular spring sport is golf! Golf is one of the sports that Highland provides for students to join. We have both a boys team and a girls team.

Golf is a very popular sport all around the world with many different audiences. It is a sport that people of all ages play and enjoy. Golf is a very good spring sport to be a part of. Golf is a very personal sport, and you can easily set goals for yourself.

Around the Saint Paul and Como area there are a couple of great golf courses that you can easily play. Highland National Golf course, The Highland 9-Hole, Cedarholm, Como Park Golf Course, Phalen Golf course, Mendota Heights Par-3 Golf Course, and the Town and Country Club golf course. All of these courses except for T&C are easily accessible without a membership, as long as you set up a tee time. At public golf courses such as the ones we mentioned above, the going rate for the price of a tee time is usually around $30. Some 18 hole courses include the price of the golf cart in the tee time price, and other courses have that as an option to pay separately.

We think that golf is a great option for those who are looking for a spring sport that is fun and not a lot of pressure.

Baseball and softball are two more popular spring sports. In our school, softball is a very popular sport practiced by female players. Male athletes enjoy playing baseball, which is also highly well-liked. They are both similar sports. The pitching regulations and the size of the ball are two differences. Despite not knowing the rules, we occasionally enjoy watching a good baseball game.

Badminton is also a sport played at Highland Park Senior High. Though not as popular as other spring sports, it is still very exciting to watch. It is a lot like tennis but played indoors. It includes hitting a birdie across the net to the other side. It may sound like an easy sport but it includes a high amount of commitment and athletic ability.

The team here at Highland consists of only women athletes. They split into teams of singles and doubles, either playing on the court with one teammate or alone. Games are played up to 21 points. Each match is best out of three. If you are unfamiliar with badminton, we would recommend trying it out. Watching it is very satisfying and playing it is very fun.

In the end, we highly encourage you to commit to a sport here at Highland. We also highly recommend coming to any sports events including lacrosse games, golf matches, and ball games.

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