Nail salons MN

By: Audrey Smith

I’ve gone to several different Salons in Minnesota, and I decided to put together a list of some of the best and worst places from my experience. I will be taking into account the pricing, the service, and the overall product.

The first place I will be reviewing is Natural Nails in Saint Paul, on Grand Avenue. Overall, Natural Nails is an affordable option, with most pricing for an acrylic set at about $35. The service was good, and the overall product was also very good, especially considering the price it was at. The only downside of my experience was the nail technician requiring me to get a more expensive shape of nail, and then charging me extra. I would rate Natural Nails an 8/10.

Another place I have gone to is Duluth Nails and Spa. This is located in the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth, Minnesota. I have gone here two times, and the wait time before appointments is usually very long. The employees are very nice and the prices are aIso fair, at about $35-$40 for an acrylic set. The first ever set I got was definitely not well done at all, and it looked really chunky. The second set was well done, and so I would rate Duluth Nails and Spa a 5/10 overall.

Another place I have gone to is Happy Nails on Snelling Avenue. The service here was very good, and it is a very well run business. My final product was super nice looking and lasted a very long time. The downside that I had however, was that the price ended up being $80 which is twice as much as other salons and not affordable for me. I would rate Happy Nails a 6/10

Overall, I would say that Natural Nails was the best salon. Happy Nails is very good quality, but hard to give a good rating to because of the price, and Duluth Nails is affordable but not as good quality.

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