Graphic novel recommendations

By: Tasha Cudinski

There are many graphic novels in the world, each waiting to be picked up and read. Recommendations can help sort through the piles and piles of options and find ones that you might enjoy reading. This article is a list of some graphic novels, and their summaries so that people can find a new book to read.

‘Lumberjanes’ by Shannon Watters, Gus Allen, Grace Ellis, and ND Stevenson is a fantasy book about a group of young girls who are at an all girls summer camp. Within their first few days there they notice that this camp is not as normal as it seems. They notice strange creatures with three eyes, a grumpy old woman who has the ability to turn into a bear, and a strange warning that says “Beware the kitten holy”. The group of friends break camp rule after camp rule all while trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of this camp while still completing as many camp activities as possible.

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‘Amulet’ by Kazu Kibuishi tells the story of a young girl named Emily. After her father dies in a car accident Emily and her family (her mother and younger brother) move out to a house that once belonged to their great-grandfather, Silas Charnon. While cleaning up the old house Emily finds a strange amulet; deciding it looks cool she decides to put it on. Later that night her mother goes to investigate a strange noise in the basement and ends up being captured by a strange monster. While fleeing the monsters, Emily hears a voice in her head, telling her how to keep her and her brother safe. Following the instructions of this voice they manage to make it to safety.

They are found by friends of their great grandfather’s and they tell Emily that the voice she heard was the voice of the amulet. She is told that they are now trapped in another world and that her amulet once belonged to her great-grandfather and she is now stuck with its power and the danger that comes with being a stone keeper. In this world, stone keepers, or the owners of the amulets, are regarded as very powerful beings of great importance. However, many hunt down those people, either in search of an amulet of their own, or in fear of the danger of stone keepers.

The amulets themselves are often dangerous as well, and many stone keepers lose their minds to the power of the amulets, and one of these insane stone keepers is known as the Elf King. He is after Emily, because he sees her as a threat to his power because she is a stone keeper. Emily soon finds herself fighting against both the stone and the Elf king in the hope that she can one day return to a peaceful life with her family and friends.

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