Best airlines to fly

By: Sophie Johnson

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The best airline that I have flown on is Delta. The reason why this one is the best is because the environment feels very clean and organized. I have had many good experiences with Delta in the past, and they have never let me down. I love that they have free entertainment like movies and games as well as their delicious Biscoff cookies.

Delta planes seem to always be on time and have everything under control. I feel very safe and comfortable on these flights and always find something good to watch on TV.

One airline that I do not love as much is Sun Country. I have had several bad experiences with Sun Country in the past, and it always makes me nervous to fly that airline now.

One of those experiences was when I got stranded in the Newark Airport in New Jersey for upwards of five hours because of a delay. Not only did they make us all wait that long, but after five hours of hoping to get home, they announced that we had to spend another night at a nearby hotel. They could have avoided such a long wait by rescheduling the flight earlier.

One positive thing about Sun Country is that they have the internet and a website with many TV shows and games to play to entertain yourself and others on the plane. Overall, Sun Country is not my favorite but it did have some factors that redeemed it.

The last airline is Southwest. I have flown on Southwest 2 times and both have been good. Both of these flights were on time and I had an enjoyable experience.

Although this airline does not provide televisions on the back of the headrests, I still had an above average time on the flights. I always get great views out the windows and have a fun trip in the plane.

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