By: Jessica Garcia Saligan


A good show to recommend if you like watching Drama and Supernatural shows is ‘Manifest’, there’s 4 seasons.

There’s a group of people that get on a plane and next thing you know, once they get off, passengers think it has been only a few hours but in reality it’s been 5 years.

Each season has around 10-16 episodes and each episode is 42 minutes long. ‘Manifest’ starts off with the airport offering people to give up their seats for an amount of money, the only thing is that they will arrive later.

The group of passengers and crew of the commercial airline get on a plane; 828. The flight starts off like a normal flight and all of a sudden a storm appears. At first it was only a little turbulence but that’s when a really big storm hit and made the plane start to shake and started going all over the place. The plane lost signal and couldn’t get anyone on the line.

After a little while they finally made a stop at this one airline and that’s when the whole plane was surrounded by cops, news, and and even the government. All the passengers were all confused on why the plane was surrounded and that’s when the governor tells them that they have been missing since April 7th, 2013, and when they returned, it’s November 4th, 2018. They had been missing for 5 years and were presumed dead.

A few of the passengers have a little voice in their head that tells them to do something where they are at, when they try to ignore it the voice gets louder and louder, and that makes them follow what the voice is telling them. But the voices are somehow connected with the investigation the passengers are doing.

Throughout the episodes, and the season, a few passengers try to figure out what happened to them, to see if it was set up by the government like an experiment.

If you want to find out more, you can watch the show on Netflix.

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