5 fun things to do during winter

By: Maya Breininger

As the snow lands on the treetops and the smell of holly fills the air, companies are preparing to satisfy their customers with ‘round the clock winter activities. This presents us with a problem; such few months of winter, yet so much to do!

This list of holiday favorites ought to help enlighten your decisions, and get your winter planning on track!

1 – Go Holiday Shopping

Many holidays, for many different folk, happen around this frosty season, and even if you practice no religious holidays, it can be enjoyable to purchase gifts for your family members!

Test your knowledge on how well you know your cousins, aunts, grandparents, or significant other by giving them a present they’ll love!

2 – Go Ice Skating

As the temperature freezes, so does the water! Call your friends and schedule a day full of holiday shopping, followed by a visit to the nearest ice rink! Practice your V 8’s, your backward skating, or impressing that special someone! Ice skating is a must-try common winter activity that you can’t miss!

3 – Spend a Snowy day in your Favorite Coffee Shop!

What could be better than sipping your favorite warmed beverage while watching the snow fall? Invite your friends out on the same day you ice skate, or plan a different day in order to spread the love! (Double points if the area is decorated!)

4 – Bake Gingerbread Treats!

Whip out your family’s traditional gingerbread recipe, or simply click the link below the image to lead you to one! Invite over little ones, or old ones who simply enjoy the decorative and tasty part of winter! Decorate them, or create your own little town of ginger people! And speaking of decorating houses…

5- Decorate your House in Lights!

Try not to peeve off your father as you hang the lights – maybe you should stick with hanging the wreaths! Try a new design, or stick with your traditional decorations, either way, letting your neighbors know of your winter spirit is a fun way to celebrate the season!

Now that you have your list of winter fun, feel free to call over your buddies to celebrate with you!

We sincerely hope that you and the company you choose to have, have a wonderful holidays, and a happy new year!

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