How optimism can influence a person

By: Addison Strack

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Having an optimistic outlook can improve many aspects of your life, such as your mood, but did you know that having a more positive outlook can also directly affect your physical health?

Being so negative all the time can affect your mental health, by causing higher stress levels, anxiety, depression, and more. Many people struggle with having a negative attitude because of external factors such as stress from school, your job, relationships and more.

Being more optimistic can help to build resilience in a person, and cause them to try multiple times instead of just giving up. This can help them to achieve their goals quicker and become more successful, because they won’t let small setbacks stop them.

People with more optimism also have more self confidence, because they are more in control of situations and problems that they face. It also helps people to be more flexible and understanding, because they are able to see the bright side of things.

Overall, having optimism can greatly improve your mental health, and reduce stress and negative thoughts and attitude.

A lack of optimism can also affect your body physically. Being constantly stressed, and in a negative mindset can raise your blood pressure, increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Having an optimistic outlook can improve your cardiovascular health by lowering your blood pressure. It can also strengthen your immune system, reduce the risk of death from cancer, and help people to recover from surgeries quicker. Overall, it can lead to a longer life span.

It is unknown why people with more optimism have these health benefits. One theory is that being optimistic can help your body cope with stress better, which reduces the physical effects of stress on the body.

Some ways that you can increase the amount of optimism in your life are to focus on positive thinking. Try to avoid perfectionism, and avoid making a big deal out of minor problems as well. Instead of focusing on the negative, try your best to identify the positives.

If you would like to read more about the effects of optimism, feel free to check out the website below,

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