Player profile: Jacob Lutkauskus

By: Dylan Moore

At the beginning of the school year, some students feel they don’t have much to look forward to. Summer is ending, and the freedom that it brings seems to go with it.

One thing I can always look forward to is school football. This year, the football team seems special. Behind this seemingly special team is many players, including Jacob Lutkauskus. Last week, I got myself an exclusive interview with the wide receiver. Here’s what we talked about. 

Me: How do you feel you contribute to the team this season compared to other seasons?

JL: Since I’m older I have more of a leadership role. I’m in more of a position to be more involved in the locker room, and on the field. Now that I’m a full time starter I do a lot more all around. 

Me: Do you think the team has improved since last year?

JL: We are more disciplined. There’s no time to mess around in practice. There’s a culture where everyone sticks to the game plan and does what they’re told. No one on the team is really a “Me first” kinda guy. Like our motto says “Together we win.”

Me: Who do you think are the key players on the team?

JL:  Monaire Vaughn, he’s obviously very important. Melvin Mensah is our running back. He had a huge kick return touchdown against Kennedy. Benny Waud pretty much plays everywhere. Ishmael Powell had a big game against Johnson; he had 3 touchdowns. 

Me: Given your first 3 games, how do you feel about your team’s ability to win big games this season?

JL: I definitely think we have a big chance. We have a very strong work ethic, and are a lot better than previous seasons. We really feel this is our year; we have a lot of seniors. 

Me: How was your season opener?

JL: It went very well, we beat them by a lot. 32-0 is always a good way to start off the season

Me: How do you expect the Musket Game to go?

JL: We’re definitely gonna beat Central. It might be close; we’re close in skill. We are almost identical in the rankings, but I think we’ll win. We usually do. 

As you can see by this interview, Jacob is extremely confident in his and his team’s abilities this season. I for one am very excited to see what they will do this year. GO SCOTS!!!

Update: As predicted, the Scots won the Musket Game and it was close. Jacob had a huge catch late in the 4th to help secure the 17-14 comeback victory.

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