How online therapy has expanded

By: Carla Tizcareno

After the pandemic started, and everyone was stuck at home, technology became a key tool in staying connected. We all know how that went. With everyone online, the mental health community was seeing a lot of setbacks.

Therapy wasn’t an easy thing to access because we were not allowed to go in public spaces. Because of the pandemic, health care providers were basically forced to see their patients online.

Currently, all mental health services are offering in-person and online options. There are many organizations that are purely online and targeted towards people who cannot afford therapy or don’t have insurance. In some cases, the therapist you see can adjust their hourly fee to meet the range that you can afford.

There are multiple websites that help you find a therapist that is available for you that meets your needs. Here a a couple of those sites:

There are also online therapy apps that help you connect with a therapist with a video call or through text. Wysa, Joyable, and Talkspace are some of those apps. Most of these options are under $100 a week. Apps like TickTalkTo are free or extremely cheap.

There are also many popular apps that help teach meditation, relaxation, good self-care, and coping mechanisms to help with many different mental health issues. Some of those apps are called: Calm, Headspace, and Expectful.

If you have been diagnosed with a specific mental illness that you want to target, there are many different support groups that are specifically made for people with depression, anxiety, OCD, and many more.

As always, there are mental health hotlines:

  • If it is an emergency, always dial 911
  • The national suicide prevention hotline can be accessed by dialing (877) 472-3457
  • The crisis text line is also available by texting HOME to 741741

It’s important to keep your personal wellness and health in check. In our day and age we have more options for that. The mental health community will continue to grow for years and years to come.

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