How does the reboot of the ‘Bel-Air’ show compare with the older ‘The Fresh Prince’?

By: Abdihakim Mohamoud

The reimagining of the popular ’90s sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince’ has taken thousands of fans by surprise. Although the original show was a comedy, the new ‘Bel Air’ show takes a darker, more intense take on ‘The Fresh Prince’.

Here are some of the key differences between the two shows, and how they compare to each other.

The reboot, which was inspired by a fan-made trailer of what ‘The Fresh Prince’ would look like today, takes the original sitcom to dramatic heights. One of the main differences is the newer shower digging deeper into Will’s past, and explores his life back in Philadelphia. ‘Bel-Air’ gives viewers a significant reason for his leaving Philadelphia; he was involved in a gunfight which led to a gang leader threatening him. This forced Will to leave Philadelphia and move in with his uncle and aunt in Bel-Air.

Another key difference between ‘Bel-Air’ and ‘The Fresh Prince’ was how Carlton is/was portrayed. In the original show, Carlton was a harmless character, however, in the reboot, Carlton is one of the antagonists. In the first few episodes, Carlton is intent on embarrassing Will, as he humiliates him in front of the entire school. Carlton also becomes incredibly jealous about Will and his uncle Philip Banks’s relationship, because Philip is his actual father.

All in all, the newer, more dramatic version of ‘The Fresh Prince’ has major differences from the original show. Carlton becomes an antagonist and the show digs deep into Will’s previous life back home. The show was criticized by fans at first, claiming that it was unnecessary for one of the most influential shows of all time to be remade. However, after a few episodes, fans quickly realized how different the show was, yet equally as enjoyable.

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