‘Tall Girl 2’ summary/ review 

By: Samera Adam

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‘Tall Girl 2’ is a Netflix movie. 

Jodi and Dunkleman’s relationship begins on a sweet note, with the two exchanging romantic moments. As a result of her speech at the Homecoming dance, Jodi has become one of the most popular students at school, high-fiving other students instead of being invisible. 

Her increased celebrity and wanting to appear in the spring musical, proved to be major stumbling obstacles in her relationship with Dunkleman. 

She is battling her own concerns and suffering from anxiety attacks. Jodi is exited and nervous after earning the lead role of Kim in the musical ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’ 

Her insecurities are speaking to her through an inner voice. In ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, Tommy plays the lead alongside Jodi.

Jodi is a typical person dealing with adolescent issues. She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders between the person she’s dating, her pals, bullying, the musical, and her worried parents. She’s under a lot of stress and is very exhausted. 

By focusing on her self-assurance, Jodi was able to silence that negative voice. She prefers to be ruled by her thoughts rather than the other way around. Her parents go above and beyond to ensure their children’s success. 

Others are dealing with their own insecurities, while Jodi is fighting negative thoughts in her head.

Harper, Jodi’s older sister, is attempting to show that she can do more than compete in beauty pageants. Fareeda, Jodi’s best friend, hopes that her parents would support her dream of becoming a fashion designer. The relationship between Dunkleman, Fareeda, and Jodi is frequently questioned. 

Overall, I think that the movie was a little boring because it had too many unnecessary details. So I’d have to give it a rating of 3/5

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