Why I think the death penalty shouldn’t be abolished

By: Abdirahman Ege

I believe that the death penalty should not be abolished worldwide because some people just deserve it.

The death penalty is completely justified if someone commits a crime like murder, however, I believe that if someone does a little crime such as robbery, I believe prison time is reasonable.

The death penalty can ensure that justice is being served.

The death penalty can also be tricky because some people could be completely innocent but still face the death penalty. Since 1973, 186 death row prisoners have been wrongfully convicted which put them on death row in the United States.

According to deathpenaltyinfo.org, Carlos DeLuna was convicted in 1983, and was executed in 1989. A ‘Chicago Tribune’ investigation released evidence in 2006, that Texas may have executed an innocent man. The evidence that the ‘Chicago Tribune’ released pointed towards another man, Carlos Hernandez.

This is why I think there should be increased measures to regulate and restrict the sentencing of the death penalty. The decision should be made on hard concrete evidence and a confession.

The death penalty can also act as a sense of fear into potential criminals. They might not want to do the crime after they know they can receive the death penalty for their actions.

Some people argue that giving the death penalty as a punishment, isn’t a punishment at all, but instead, it is giving them a sense of escape with no time to reflect. Since I’m a person of religion, I believe that they will not escape, but will also pay in the afterlife.

One thought on “Why I think the death penalty shouldn’t be abolished”

  1. Abdirahman:

    Thank you.

    The DPIC site that you got the info for DeLuna is a well known anti death penalty disinformation site.

    The DeLuna case is reviewed, herein, with all sources provided.

    The Death Row “Exonerated”/”Innocent” Frauds
    71-83% Error Rate in Death Row “Innocent” Claims, Well Known Since 2000
    at prodpinnc

    I am a death penalty expert and former opponent.

    Partial CV, Dudley Sharp
    at prodpinnc

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