The misconception surrounding saturated fats

By: Yussuf Omar

Image taken from: The misconception surrounding saturated fats

Saturated fats are often portrayed as this evil we must all avoid, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The main thought is that saturated fats are bad for heart health, clogging arteries, and causing heart disease. This misconception stems from a study released in the 1970s called “The Seven Countries Study.” Unfortunately, this study is viewed like a gospel on fat and that’s where the issue stems from.

Important factors like sugar consumption, exercise levels, drug rates, stress, and diet weren’t taken into account at all; nations with data that contradicted the conclusion were also conveniently left out. The study had access to the data of 22 countries but didn’t include any of the populations that consumed loads of saturated fats with minimal cases of heart disease.

Governments decided to run with this study and shortly afterwards the hate campaign towards saturated fat started. Saturated fats were replaced with added sugar and salt, which when over consumed are much worse than anything saturated fats could do to you.

But lately studies showing the positive effects of saturated fats have come to light, highlighting how the brain is composed of 60% fat and how cells need lipids (fats) to build their cell walls. However, these crucial functions in our body can only continue to work with saturated fat, therefore the avoidance of it will only negatively affect your health.

But, like all things in life, it’s only good in moderation. Of course the overconsumption of it won’t be good for your health, but any food item over consumed isn’t good for your health.

The bad rap that saturated fats get is rooted in ignorance, and the only way we move forward from these archaic beliefs is to seek out knowledge and critically think for ourselves. You aren’t required to go out of your way to seek saturated fats, but the best thing to do is to quit demonizing the few you see around and work on moderation.

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