Why has the ‘NBA2K’ neighborhood become worse and worse over the years?

By: Abdirahman Ege

‘NBA2K’ neighborhood is a game mode where you walk around, in basically a map, which has a bunch of courts on it, and you can wait on the spot, to play with randoms or your friends.

‘NBA2K15’, ‘NBA2K16’, ‘NBA2K17’, and ‘NBA2K19’. These games all had unique playing styles (like you could have different dribbling styles), they had unique neighborhoods (like you could play in different regions of the world), nice cosmetics (like you could get new clothing), etc. The 2K community loved these games.

After ‘NBA2K19’, the game got worse and worse. They brought out the same neighborhood from 2K19 into 2K20, the gameplay in 2K21 is broken (too many glitches in the game), in 2K22 defense is garbage but the offense is way too good, etc.

The 2K community had enough of this, so they tried to talk to the developers of the game but they wouldn’t listen to the community.

A lot of content creators of NBA2K stopped making content on it. They all said that the game is unplayable and that the devs need to make a better game.

The developers of NBA2K are just money hungry. They don’t want to put in the effort into making a good game. For example, in the game there is a shop where you can buy things with real money. The cost of one piece of clothing in ‘NBA2K’ is 10,000 VC (virtual currency) which is equivalent to almost $10. This is outrageous for a virtual piece of clothing.

I myself has stopped playing the game due to it being garbage.

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