Why did One Direction break up

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By: Musab Mohamud

A question that still is widely asked by many fans across the globe: “Why did One Direction split up?”

The boy band consisted of recognizable faces such as Harry Styles, Zayn Malek, Louis Tomlinson, and others. The band started with a decision to combine their talents on the show British X-Factor. Shortly after the season’s conclusion the host of the show, Simon Cowell, offered them a record deal. The boys gladly took him up on his offer and began to record songs together.

The band quickly garnered international fame and fandom across the world. From appearing in Super Bowl ads, releasing platinum albums, and going on global tours, the young band seemed to be on top of the world. They released many songs headlined by the hit pop song “What Makes You Beautiful”.

They continued to trek the globe performing and publicizing their songs. However, while on a tour publicizing their album in 2014, the first blow struck the popular band. Zayn Malik, the beloved vocalist of the group had left the band.

Shortly after, in 2015, the band announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus.

Years later, with many members of the band releasing solo music, fans are left wondering what happened. One fan has many theories on why One Direction broke up. “I think Harry and Louis had a romantic split,” she says. Another fan goes in a different direction and says, “I think Zayn and Harry thought they were too big time”. 

The more realistic opinion is that all bands must come to an end eventually, and while they obviously all greatly liked each other it was time to leave their comfort zone. Another option is their record deal being too restrictive and not allowing the creative freedom that they desired.

The band gave many fans, young and old, great pleasure to this day and will not be forgotten any time soon.

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