How can students improve academically?

By: Fatima Mohamud

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How can I spot bad habits before they start?

Many students struggle with bad habits that stop them from doing their best; especially with procrastination. Do you ever find yourself saying you’ll do your work later? Tomorrow morning perhaps?

This leads to forgetting you even had work, or not spending as much time as you should, and your grades can suffer majorly for this with you not getting the score you really want. Procrastination is hard to stop when it first starts, but once you can stop there’s many things you can do instead.

What are some good habits?

Calendars and reminders are always great to remind you to stay on track. While calendars remind you when things are due, reminders can help notify you when to do them and how early. I use reminders daily for homework so I can remember the small details.

Doing your homework immediately when you get home is a good idea to get a head start and leave no room for procrastination, then you’ll be able to get things done quicker and also be on top of your schoolwork. Studies show that you are likely to do well on tests if you spend at least that whole period of time at home studying.

How can these habits affect me in the long run?

Maintaining good grades are beneficial for your future and jobs after school. To stay on track it’s always important to do your work on time and come to class so you don’t miss a thing. Many students like to join in on study groups so everyone can help each other.

The good study habits listed above can also set you up for good grades in college too.

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