School of Rock

By: Annika Getz

School of Rock is a music education program founded roughly twenty years ago by Paul Green. Green says that the idea for the program came from an assignment he gave his students. He told them to do “jam sessions” over the weekend, and noticed that they improved greatly, just by practicing their instruments in a group. Green said, “Imagine being on a baseball team and never playing games. That’s what music education was like before School of Rock. You’d just practice.”

Since its founding, the program has spread greatly, with locations all across the world. There are over one hundred locations in the U.S. alone, and three in Minnesota.

There are multiple different main programs involved in the school. Little Wing is a group for kids ages 3-5. With one lesson a week, the kids learn foundational music skills such as rhythm, dynamics, melody, and song structure.

The next group up is Rookies. Rookies is for kids 6-7 years old. Composed of children with no previous musical training, Rookies meet once a week, and learn fundamentals like chords, rhythm, and song structure. They practice with multiple different instruments, and then decide which instrument they’d like to continue with in the next group up, Rock 101.

101 is composed of kids ages 8-13. Each student get’s one group lesson a week, and one private lesson with an instructor.

The next groups up are 201 and 301, which are more or less the same, but with more difficult songs. 301 groups are also themed, while 201 and 101 are typically not. 201 and 301 are also performance groups, with mid and end season shows.

House band is a group of kids under 18, who meet several times a week, and have frequent live shows in the community.

The AllStar summer tour is a nationwide two week long tour, with the best of the best from School of Rock locations all around the country. Less than 1% of students are selected for the tour, with the audition process including both video and live auditions. Those selected travel in a tour bus, and have nightly performances at famous venues, and festivals.

Online and adult programs are also available.

I’ve been in the 201 program for one season. While it hasn’t been very long, I’ve already learned more, and improved more, than I have for the first year I’ve played guitar. Playing in group band sessions is a fun and gratifying way to improve with your instrument, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable music program.

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How to cope with seasonal depression/prevent it from getting worse

By: Kayla Madison

*Note: The suggestions here are the views/opinions of the author, and are not to be taken as medical advice

There are about 4 to 6% of people in the United States that have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It’s a type of depression that is stimulated by changes in the weather mainly occurring during the winter time. In this article, I’m going to look at some things that I think can help make this kind of sadness a little bit easier to deal with.

You can prepare yourself during autumn, you know, going out with friends, and doing things you love. It can help you not slip too fast into depression.

Another thing is getting antidepressants, which need to be prescribed by a certified doctor. While these won’t cure your sadness, when having the right one it can suppress it for quite an amount of time.

You can also just try making the most of winter. There are so many fun things to do during this time and so many things to look forward to. Take school break for example. While I feel like we should have the whole month off, we get 2 weeks to simply enjoy our time with friends and family during the holidays.

Christmas is something awesome to look forward to, “Well what about after,” there’s snow outside…go sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding. If sporty stuff isn’t your thing, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make a gingerbread house then eat it because those can be so delicious.

Just try not to see the bad side of things, enjoy your winter and happy holidays!

Sports schedule for: Jan 24-29

TBD Boys/Girls Alpine Ski vs. St. Croix PrepAfton Alps
3:45pm2:20pm / 5:15pmBoys/Girls Nordic Ski RelayComo Picnic Pavilions
5:00pm / 7:00pm Girls Hockey vs. SimleyVeterans Memorial Community Center
5:30pm / 7:00pm Girls Basketball vs. HardingHarding High School
5:30pm / 5:30pm 7:00pm Boys Basketball vs. HardingHOME
5:00pm Wrestling Triangular vs. Washington and OgilvieHOME
6:00pm Gymnastics vs. Central/Como/OWLHOME
5:00pm / 7:00pm Boys Hockey vs. MinnehahaMinnehaha Academy
5:30pm / 7:00pm Girls Basketball vs. HardingHOME
TBD Boys/Girls Alpine Ski vs. StillwaterAfton Alps
TBD Boys/Girls JV Nordic SkiHyland Hills Ski Area
3:45pm7:30am / 4:00pmBoys/Girls Varsity Nordic Ski Conference MeetTheodore Wirth Park
4:00pm / 5:30pm 7:00pmC/JV: 2:45pm/6:45pm V: 6:00pm / 8:15pmBoys Basketball vs. CentralCentral High School
5:00pm / 7:00pm Girls Hockey vs. South St. PaulWSP Ice Arena
5:30pm / 7:00pm Girls Basketball vs. CentralHOME
6:00pm4:30pm / 8:00pmBoys Swimming and Diving Conference ChampionshipsHumboldt High School
7:00pm / 7:00pm Boys Hockey vs. MinnehahaHighland Ice Arena
10:00am6:00am / 5:00pmWrestling InvitationalRochester Century High School
12:00pm / 1:30pm 3:00pmC/JV: 9:00am/11:45am V: 11:00am / 1:15pmBoys Basketball vs. Saint ThomasSaint Thomas Acadmey
12:30pm JV Girls Hockey vs. HastingsWSP Ice Arena