Ways to keep you stress about school low

By: Ella Sutherland

School can be one of the most stressful things in a teenager’s life. There are so many different classes and with those classes come homework, projects, and tests. It can be very hard to keep on top of all your work and not feel overwhelmed with stress, but if you use the skills that are in this article it will be easier. Lots of these worked for me.

First of all, we are coming to the end of the 1st semester, which means finals are coming up. Lots of teachers are giving tests and projects.

Personally, I think tests are a lot more stressful than projects are. Some ways you can prepare yourself for them include keeping on top of the homework and class work that the teacher is giving you. Lots of helpful things will be in the class work, and it will be a really good source of practice.

Another thing you can do is take notes. If the teacher assigns notes make sure you take them, because sometimes teachers will let you have notes on the tests. Even if the teacher doesn’t let you have them while you are taking the test they can act as a really good way to study and review.

Even though not many people like doing this, studying actually works. If you just take like 10 minutes a day to go over your notes, or your assignments that you had done that week, you can actually learn a lot. For math especially, if you just go over what you have done earlier that week you can really get the system for what you have to do, and that will really help on the test.

And finally, if you have a project to do, either group or individual, you really need to keep on top of the work that is needed for the project. When projects are assigned you usually get around a week or so, and when you have that long period of time it feels like you don’t have to do it right away so you end up procrastinating. In the end, that doesn’t work as well as working on time and splitting up the things you need to do. It will not be as rushed, and if it is not as rushed then it will end up being a better project and you will actually know the information you’re doing the project on.

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