How drunk driving affects everyone

By: Fatima Mohamud & Sumaya Noor

Not only can drinking and driving put a person at risk, it can also put other people at risk and potentially end many lives. On average, drinking and driving kills about 10,000 Americans per year. According to, about 28 Americans die per day, which is about one person per hour. This is preventable, but over the years it’s been getting worse.

Consuming alcohol can affect the human brain in many ways, but here are some common effects: altered speech, losing judgement, losing track of time, losing sense of balance, altered mood, feeling hyper, and losing sense of direction. Losing a sense of direction is a big part of why many lives are lost to drunk driving, as an individual may not be able to tell where they are turning or how fast they are going.

Even though it’s very illegal, people still tend to somehow let it happen. They can face charges, spend time in jail and this also goes on their record for all future jobs and activities can see.

An individual may have an accident with a price that’s too much to pay, or even have to deal with insurance not being able to cover it.

Here are some ways to help stop drunk driving from happening:

  1. Stop drinking: Drinking is something millions of people do, and it’s normal if you’re over 21, although not healthy to have too much. If an individual keeps it at a moderate level it’s fine, but it can lead to heart or liver diseases and cancer.
  2. Drink at home: If someone is drinking at home, they can spend less time being on the road to get to places, rather than being at a bar and having to drive home.
  3. Ask a friend or family member to drive: this can ensure their safety as well as others.

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