What’s better for education, iPads or Textbooks?

By: Isaac Lund

Image taken from: http://www.bpr.org

The textbook industry has long been the backbone of elementary to collegiate learning. Today, with tablets and especially iPads increasing their foothold in American households, a new argument has emerged: Which one is better suited for today’s education needs?

In 2019, book publishers generated 8.38 billion dollars in revenue selling textbooks, an 8.2% decrease from 2018, according to Statista. On the other hand, the iPad made Apple 21.2 billion dollars in revenue, a 12.3% increase from 2018.

Both proponents and opponents of implementing tablets in schools have evidence to support their views.

Supporters of iPad learning most often bring up weight. iPads can hold hundreds of textbooks, worksheets, and tests, without increasing the need for physical storage and backpack weight. According to Mayo Clinic, leaning forward to compensate for the extra weight of heavy backpacks can affect the natural curve of the lower back. E-textbooks also cost less than printed textbooks, and these textbooks can instantly be updated to the newest edition. Furthermore, iPads allow for highlighting and taking notes directly on text, without destroying paper media. Finally, they drastically reduce the need for excess paper, helping save our ever-crumbling environment.

There are many opponents of tablets as well, and they have their fair share of cons to back them up. One such shortcoming evident is that blue light in tablets can cause eye-strain and other forms of agitation, according to the American optometric association. Also, many students, especially in public schools, do not have sufficient internet bandwidth at home to even use tablets for homework. Furthermore, even without paper, one iPad’s manufacturing requires the extraction of minerals and fossil fuels. Adverse health effects from this far exceed those of a textbook, according to the New York Times. Finally, tablets allow for easier cheating.

In my opinion, as long as iPads are properly introduced to schools with measures to combat distractions and cheating, they are far better tools to aid education than backbreaking textbooks that have so long been the go-to.

Bachelorette Recap episode 6 and 7

In Season 18, Episode 5, the guys were headed to Minnesota, Michelle’s hometown. The episode starts with the guys walking downtown where Michelle greeted them.

She then took Joe away for a one and one date; they went to Twin Cities stadium and Michelle’s high school. Later, on their dinner date, Joe opens up about a severe injury, where a botched surgery throws him off trajectory. Michelle comforted him and he got a rose. 

The next date was a group date at the U.S. Bank Stadium, where the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings play. On the date, they ate some intense foods, including fermented herring and Viking head hash. At the end of that group date, Clayton got the rose. 

The second one on one went to Nayte. For their date, they went boating with two of Michelle’s good friends, and they grilled him about what his intentions towards Michelle were. During their dinner date, they both opened up about their past relationships. To make this date more uncomfortable, Chris S. crashed the date, and Michelle was not having it. At the end of all that, Nayte got awarded a rose. 

It was time for the rose ceremony, and Michelle sent home Casey, Chris S., and  Leroy, which left Brandon J., Clayton, Joe, Martin, Nayte, Olu, Rick, and Rodney.

Episode 6 was all about who was ready to take Michelle home to meet their families the next week, which meant Michelle had to make some decisions, because she could only keep four of the eight guys for the hometown dates. 

The episode started with Michelle bringing in some of her students to meet the guys.

Next, we had the one and one date with Clayton. They went to a museum, and later, at dinner, he opened up to Michelle about how he had invested so much of his time into his job which has led him to be single for so long. After a bit more chatting, Michelle says he checks all the boxes of qualities in who she is looking for, and if she gives him this rose it would mean that she is ready to meet his family, but she didn’t feel like she could get there in time, so she sent him home. 

Next was the group date. It was a farm date with Rodney, Joe, Nayte, Olu, Rick, and Martin. There, they milled a cow, nurtured the calves, and made butter. Next, they cleaned up poop which is a lesson in that if they want kids they are going to have to learn to clean some kind of poop.

Then, it was time for the evening cocktail party. She had some deep conversations with the guys about family, and at the end of the night, she sent Martin home and awarded the group date rose to Nayte.

It was time for the last one-on-one date of the week with Michelle and Brandon. On their date they went to get ice cream. She then took him to a place where she spends most of her time. At the end of the night, Brandon gave her a bracelet and in return, and she rewarded him with a rose. 

Now, it was time for the rose ceremony, and Michelle sent Rick and Olu home, which meant that in the next episode, she will get to meet Nayte, Rodney, Brandon, and Joe’s families.

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