Trendy Halloween costumes this 2021

By: Fatima Mohamud & Sumaya Noor

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s been a surge in Halloween costume searching. From ‘Squid Game’ to Britney Spears, and D.C. characters, 2021 has brought fresh ideas for this year’s spooky season.

The most popular demand for 2021 is the familiar ‘Squid Game’ uniforms, from the Korean drama show that took the world by storm this fall. Featuring insanely famous characters like Kang Sae-byeok and Seong Gi-hun, fans have scrambled for their numbered outfits. The iconic pink jumpsuit with shaped masks and green jumpsuit will be a game changer this Halloween season.

Following close by is Britney Spears, the popular pop singer that has been dominating celebrity news. “Free Britney”, the movement that’s been all over social media has caused her to spike in Halloween Costume searches. Costumes inspired by her will be from past and iconic music video looks. “Toxic” Britney’s outfit is in high demand, as well as “Baby One More Time”, “Oops! I did it again”, and “Slave 4 U”, all of which have been deemed classics in the Pop industry.

Another highly demanded cosplay is Harley Quinn from D.C. Comics. Featured as The Joker’s henchwoman and wife, she has also influenced google searches for Halloween costumes. Adorned with her crazy makeup, signature bat and colorful pigtails, Harley is selling out on popular websites such as Amazon. People are now also choosing to go out as couples, dressing as both Harley Quinn and The Joker. Either way, she’s a fun choice to dress up as, and there are plenty versions of her classic outfit to choose from.

Following close by is the iconic angel and devil duo. Often coordinated with red and black for the devil, and white, yellow and pale blue for the angel. This costume has been a hit for years and you’re bound to see others participating in this popular duo. Although the wings, horns, and trident can get expensive, many people are creative enough to make it themselves.

Many stores have been sold out of this big hit game ‘Among us’. A popular space influenced game talked much among kids has been all over news, stores, and even social media sites. Brands have made kids toys, such as Pop-it’s and figures. This idea makes a great costume for young ones, though the price may be high. The shape may also cause a problem if you want to be accurate. This costume is very fragile if you’re going for the correct size, it usually is inflatable and built with soft skin for breathing easier.

All over the world the big hit star Ariana Grande released the song “7 rings”. Fans around the world were obsessed and had a plan set for what their costume was going to look like. Grab your sparkly necklaces, hair accessories, and a silver dress, tie your hair up in a tall ponytail and you’re set for the best song related costume. Although this may not be appropriate for younger children, this is the perfect outfit to show up to a party with.

Pennywise, the iconic clown from the movie ‘IT’, had many fans intrigued for how people would spend their Halloween deciding what to dress up as. This movie was a great horror and really fit the ideal for scaring your friends or neighbors. Although this costume has many downsides, such as complexity and looking at yourself in the mirror to put on the make-up, this costume is sure to get your friends spooked for Halloween this year.

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