‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ movie review

By: Eva Olson

Image taken from: Newspaper

A new Marvel movie recently came out on September 3rd called ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, and I went to go see it. It follows the story of Shang Chi and his complicated past with his father, who wears the ten rings and uses them for money and power. His father sends assassins to bring him home to help him search for Shang’s dead mother, and destroy her village because he believes that she is alive and the village is keeping her prisoner.

I thought the theme of the movie was great; there was a good balance of both sad and funny topics in the movie and I was never bored while watching it. The funny parts made me laugh, the fight scenes were suspenseful, and I loved the bond between the main character and his best friend.

I thought they did a great job with the casting for the characters and the costumes were very good in my opinion. I also enjoyed how there were many ties to the original Avengers movies and other Marvel movies and characters.

I also loved the overall look of the movie. The visual effects made everything look so realistic and interesting and the fight scenes were perfect and very entertaining to watch.

The pace of the movie was very good and so was the camera work and scenery. I also loved the cultural representation in the movie. The plot was amazing and I loved the way the movie ended, the after credit scene also left me wondering.

I really hope there will be a sequel but overall, the movie was very good and if you like Marvel and haven’t seen it I would one hundred percent recommend watching it. 9.5/10 rating

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