‘Matilda’: The musical shown by HPSH Theater

By: McKenna Nutter

Images taken from: Photos from
Facebook: Joel Chirhart

‘Matilda’ is about a little girl born into a nasty, unappreciative family. A genius girl, full of stories and a mind as wide as the sky, trapped in a horrible family and a horrible school, run by the nasty Ms. Trunchbull. Agatha Trunchbull, ex-hammer throwing champion, runs a school much like a prison, and depending who you ask, some place much worse.

The only sort of light that reaches the classroom is the teacher, Jenny Honey. A kind-hearted soul, just as trapped as Matilda, Ms. Honey has never been able to find the courage to fight for herself, but when a clever little girl comes to her classroom, Jenny may find a reason to stand up for herself, Matilda, and her students. 

This year, Highland Park Theater got the opportunity to share this story. Senior Briana Li-Heidkamp sung her heart out as Matilda and Junior Jaya Bird could not have done better in her role of Ms. Honey.

One of the funniest parts in the show goes to Ms. Trunchbull, and senior Cleo Foley had everyone rolling with laughter.

Our whole cast was full of so many students and every one of them are incredibly talented.  

This year has been a hard year, and in theater we had no exception. Without a full audience, it was harder to keep the spirit up in the auditorium, but between all of the hard work, the whole cast and crew were able to have fun.

We were thankfully able to have our performance recorded and have a showing for other students during advisory. 

Images taken from: Photos from
Facebook: Joel Chirhart

If you aren’t involved in theater, it’s hard to know how much goes into a performance. This year, we had actors and crew in everyday after school working hard on learning lines for a two hour show.

We had our director, Nancy Michael, there through it all.

It’s more than remembering words, and places to be. Actors were working incredibly hard on character, and seeing the story through the characters’ eyes, and learning music and choreography.

So many students worked hard for this show, and not even all of them took the stage.

A number of students worked backstage with sets and costumes.

The whole show was choreographed by two Highland Park students: senior Soren Chirhart and junior Quinn Dwyer.

Between families, and friends of HPSH Theater, we could never have pulled it off, and a huge thank you to Nancy Michael for being there everyday and working hard to give us something to look forward to everyday.

Highland Theater is a community, and even though we have seen so many people on the stage, it never ceases to amaze me how talented our students at Highland are. 

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