The reason for social unrest in Colombia

By: Hayat Osman

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The demonstrations in Colombia began after the President, Iván Duque, announced a pandemic related tax reform on April 28, 2021. The reason behind the reform was because the government needed to raise
about $6.85 billion to fix the economic imbalance of the country. People quickly took to the streets to voice their outrage to the government. Unions and politicians were angry about the proposal.

Although the protests held in Colombia have only been ongoing for about 3 weeks, according to Colombia’s human rights officials, at least 42 people have died. Thousands have been injured, and many are believed to be missing, as increased violence and unrest spreads across the nation.

Unions who organized the protests, said the tax reform would disproportionately affect the middle class and poorest citizens, who have already been struggling due to the pandemic. Several protests, and a strike led by different organizations, were successful. After 4 days of protesting in large cities, the president decided to cancel the tax plan, and seek a new plan through a consensus.

According to, researchers have pointed out that the tax reform was a catalyst for continued social unrest. Even though President Iván has withdrawn the tax plan, demonstrations continue being fueled by a mix of undelivered promises, inequality, violence, the mismanagement of the pandemic, and excessive force used by police. As violence increases, organizations are trying to negotiate terms with the government.

During the past few weeks, multiple videos of police abusing their authority over citizens have surfaced on social media. Both the UN, and European Union, have warned about the excessive use of force by the police. Despite the dangers, many protesters continue to take to the streets because of their disagreement with government policies.

The injustices that police have inflicted these past few weeks upon protesters in Colombia is unlawful. Protesters have asked for international attention. Let’s take the time to listen to the concerns of Colombians, and help them get the justice they deserve. Michel Adolfo Torres Carmona, a protester from Cali, Colombia has said, “There are many missing people. But we must continue the fight. The world must know what they are doing to us.”

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Highland Park Track 2021

By: McKenna Nutter

Image taken from: Instagram @hptrack

As we near the end of the school year, all of our classes and activities are starting to wind down, including HP Track.

One of our most recent wins was at Conference, with Morgan Jones, a 2021 senior, setting a new school record of 39’ in the shot put. She went on to win the conference championship!

In discus, Josiah Christopher set a new personal record by ten feet, an amazing feat, and went on to win the conference championship too.

Andrew Ali and Charlie Fragassi also went on to set new personal records. 

In the 3200m, first place went to Molly Moening, followed in second by 9th grader Luna Scorzelli, and in fourth by Chloe Koch! Both Molly Moening and Luna Scorzelli beat Molly’s previous record of 5.05.59, both making it within the 4 minute range for their incredibly fast miles. After working hard, it all seems to pay off in their amazingly fast performances. 

On Wednesday, May 12th, Highland Park went against Minneapolis Southwest, and Roosevelt. Highland Park brought home so many winners; it was incredible.

Vincent Langenbrunner took first in the 110HH and the 300HH.

In the 200m, Gospel Simon took the front, and as for the 400m, Spencer West-Hest and Ellie Moore both brought their A-game.

Luna Scorzelli may be a 9th grader, but so much more than thought, because Luna came in #1 for the 1600m.

Amelie Isom couldn’t seem to have put more strength and stamina into her run of the 3200m.

Congratulations to all of our runners, and don’t forget our relay runners: Tommy, Terez, Melvin, and Gospel in the 4×1; Clara, Athena, Ellie P., and Camille in the 4×2; and Ellie M., Delia, Luna, and Molly in the 4×8.

Let’s give a hand to all of our amazing track stars this year. 

The 2020-21 school year has been hard, and many people haven’t been able to participate in after school activities, but thankfully we’ve been lucky enough to have most of our sports teams this year. So many people who play sports rely on them, and we are so thankful that each and every single one of the runners got their chance to do what they enjoy.

This year has brought a lot of new talent to Highland Park Track, but sadly we have to say goodbye to many seniors as well. Fortunately, we were able to send them off with a great season!