Why Zendaya is one of the most influential people of this generation

By: Ayane Jarso

Image taken from: Elle.com

Zendaya Coleman is a 24-year-old actress, model, singer, and dancer. She first gained her popularity when she played the role of Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel show ‘Shake It Up’.

She has played many roles that have proven her versatility when it comes to acting. She played Anne Wheeler in the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. MJ in the new Spider-Man movies, showing her more awkward, intense, teenage roles.

One of her biggest roles, on ‘Euphoria’, is 17-year-old Rue, who struggles with a drug addiction. I personally believe this is one of her most influential roles.

In the ‘Euphoria’ series, her character, Rue, comes straight out of rehab with no intention to stay clean. Throughout the show, Rue ruins many very important relationships in her life due to her addiction, and when she does decide to get clean, it’s not for herself, but for the girl that she’s madly in love with, Jules.

This role that Zendaya plays shows young people how relying on others for all your happiness can really mess up your life; you should take care of yourself before getting invested in someone else. I truly believe that people would not feel the importance of this show without her incredible execution with this character.

Not only does she play important roles on the big screen, but she also uses her platform to make real change in the world. Zendaya does everything in her power to fight colorism in Hollywood by denying roles that are meant for dark skinned women. She has used her platform numerous times to encourage young people to vote and make their voices heard! She speaks out against police brutality bringing more attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Insider.com, Zendaya stated that if she hadn’t become an actor she’d be a teacher; both of her parents are educators and education is very important to her.

She is an inspiration to young people everywhere and she is still accomplishing so much!

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