My first day of work ever experience

By: Jimmy Somerville

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I recently picked up my first ever actual job at Dominos. I turned 16 in November and like many other teenagers, and just people in general, I want money. And you get money by having a job, so I was never seriously job searching, but if there was an opportunity for a job, I was going to take it, and I got that opportunity.

My mom picked up pizza for us at Dominos and she saw they were hiring and all I had to do was text PIZZA to the phone number on the sign, and before you know it, I had an interview, and now I officially work at Dominos.

So, about my first day of work experience. I want to say my first day was around 17 days ago. So, it was a Tuesday I’m pretty sure. I was a little bit nervous but nothing crazy.

My shift was from 3-7 and 4 hours is actually a lot longer than I thought.

They had me sorting out and placing the order number stickers on the pizza boxes, and had me putting what the customer ordered on the pizza boxes. For example, if a customer orders a large pizza, the sticker would say 14” because it is 14 inches. I then take the sticker and put it on the box and set it a certain way on this shelf.

I also took calls which are harder than you’d imagine and sort of stressful at times. It is kind of difficult at first understanding how the computer works, especially when you have to move fast.

But overall, not a bad first day.

I will say work isn’t fun and I am just hoping my shift ends pretty soon after I get there. But my schedule is 2, 5 hour shifts a week, so nothing crazy at all. But 5 hours is a pretty long time. But at least I’m making $12 an hour. I know it’s worth it to have money at the end of the day.

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