Trump’s documented racism 

By: Quentin Miller

Image taken from: Fox News

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Trump has made some very sketchy statements about race/ethnicity in the past, but just how bad is his racism? Here’s a list of things he has said publicly about many different races and ethnicities, organized by said races and ethnicities (all following facts have been checked by ‘USA Today’ and PBS.)

Black people: 

  • Implied that laziness was a trait found in lots of black people, insinuating that black people are to blame for systemic issues.
  • Referred to black protesters as thugs.
  • Claimed that a group of black men should have been executed before proven guilty (The Central Park 5 case).
  • Used, and continues to use, the term “the blacks”.
  • Asked what black people have to lose, saying they don’t have jobs or money.
  • Supported “stop and frisk” policies, which allowed police officers to pull over anyone for seemingly no reason, which increased police violence against minorities by a disproportionate amount.
  • Said that areas of high amounts of black populations are “like hell”, saying that getting shot is very common in these areas.
  • Asked a black reporter if the CBC are her friends. 
  • Asked why the Civil War was necessary, implying that slavery is somehow not a big enough motivator.

Hispanic people:

  • Referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, drug dealers, and overall criminals, then corrected himself by saying “some” are good people.
  • Tweeted a picture of him eating a taco salad and captioned it “I love Hispanics”
  • Claimed that immigrants (while he did not say Hispanic immigrants it can be inferred by the previous talking points in his speech) were stealing black jobs, trying to turn black people against immigrants.
  • Claimed he would force Mexico to pay for a wall to stop illegal immigration, further demonizing Hispanic immigration 
  • Referred to immigrants as animals.

Asian people:

  • Called the coronavirus the Chinese virus. 
  • Called the coronavirus the Kung Flu

Muslim/Middle Eastern people: 

  • Temporarily banned immigration from the Middle East.
  • Says that we should have more white immigrants from places like Norway and less Middle Eastern immigrants escaping from actual wars 

Jewish people:

  • Refused to acknowledge Jewish people during a speech about the Holocaust.
  • Apologized for not acknowledging Jewish people, also claimed he was the least anti- Semitic person ever.

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