How can we stay connected while staying apart?

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During this time of distancing and separation, lots of people have been having a hard time feeling like themselves while not being able to be with their friends. There are many different ways that we can stay in touch, while still respecting social distancing and stay at home guidelines.

The main way that many are holding on to some sense of normalcy, and staying in touch, is through social media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These platforms are used by many, daily, to stay in the loop on important events in the lives of friends and family.

Another way that people are staying connected is through video messaging apps like: Facetime, House Party, and Zoom. House Party is an app like Facetime where the user can join group video calls through a free app that works on all smartphones, whereas Facetime only works between Apple devices.

Zoom, and other programs like it, such as Google Meets, have also grown in popularity over the last few months. These programs are not only how we get together to socialize, but many schools and businesses are also using these platforms to hold meetings and class time.

Writing letters has become more popular in the last few weeks, as an alternative to online communication. I think we all get at least a little excited when we get a letter in the mail. Care packages left on doormats are another kind way to let your friends or family know that you are thinking about them during this difficult time. 

We are all getting through this together. Other countries, and some states, are beginning to lift quarantine restrictions, so this is showing that we are slowly moving back to a semblance of normalcy.

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