Conspiracy theorists burning down 5G towers in delusion that they are causing the corona-virus

There have been a lot of theories on the coming of the new COVID-19 virus, but this conspiracy has been one of the most damaging. This theory involves the work of 5G mobile towers being accused of having connections to the virus. People say the towers have been emitting radiation poisoning, and that people are getting sick because of it. People have said that these towers, for mobile communication, can have an effect on giving people cancer as well as killing wildlife.

The claims are endless but all proven to be incorrect. Scientists have conducted research on the virus and found that it is natural and absolutely not man made.

The news has been spreading through social media networks, but only recently there have been acts of arson. There is a Facebook group called “Stop5G Australia,” that’s filled with many people that believe the towers are making us all sick.

Claims are also out there that China only acquired this virus through it’s recent gain of 5G and has been spreading to densely populated cities and areas also containing 5G. A tower in Birmingham didn’t provide 5G at all but was set aflame, which also only makes it harder for citizens to get mobile network connection.

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These theories are easily put down due to scientific facts, but that doesn’t stop individuals from continuing their beliefs. COVID-19 is a virus that spreads through human contact.

According to ScienceAlert, The Ruby Princess was a cruise that had an outbreak of the corona virus on it when many people became infected. They had access to roaming wifi though it was not 5G. 

If that isn’t enough proof, here is even more! 5G is still very new, so over time it would grow to many more countries though now it has only made its appearance in 34 countries. Why does that matter? Because there are confirmed coronavirus cases in 181 countries. 

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Because the attacks continue, it has had a saddening effect on emergency services that depend on the mobile networks provided by 5G. It’s not just the abuse of the towers, as reported by TheVerge,  there have been reports of worker harassment and people attempting to stop repairs and management of the towers as well.

The loss of internet services is very damaging to those who need it. Essential workers depend on the internet to keep their companies working while at home, losing the internet is a step that wildly affects that ability.

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