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Fishing is an all year activity that can be done at any time. There is regular fishing during the Spring to Autumn seasons and during winter, there is ice fishing. As we are approaching summer, as the temperatures are getting warmer, and now that the ice is gone, there are more opportunities to go fishing.

The best times to fish during the summer are in early mornings and late evenings. There is a moon positioning theory that was made by John Alden Knight. The moon positioning theory states that bass bite the best during certain tidal activities. For more information on the times to fish, visit the website

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and may have more if you continue to count after 10,000. Each lake has its benefits of catching fish such as: bass, walleyes, muskies, pike, and many more. Areas you are able to find fish are: narrows, bay entrances, weed beds, sunken islands, and points.

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Some of the best lakes to fish bass are:

  • Lake of the Woods
  • Lake Winnie
  • Rainy Lake

Some of the best lakes to fish northern pikes are:

  • Leech Lake
  • Class Lake
  • Lake Minnetonka

Some of the best lakes to fish muskies are:

  • Detroit Lake
  • Lake Minnetonka
  • Lake Vermillion

Not only are lakes great to fish in but also rivers. Though Minnesota has twice as many lakes than rivers, river fishing is still enjoyable at these rivers:

  • Red River
  • Root River
  • St. Croix River
  • St. Louis River
  • Minnesota River

Fishing can help create bonds with family or friends. From my own perspective, I have relatives who loves to fish and are closer to one another because they share this in common. My siblings, and our friends, take time out of their days to spend time fishing with their friends. So, when summer begins, and we are out of school, consider going out to spend some time fishing.

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