The process of MEPS

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What is MEPS?

MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Station. MEPS is a two day long process; the first day is when you’ll have to take the ASVAB test and the second day is where you go through a physical examination to see if you’re physically fit for the military.

What is the ASVAB?

ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. It is a multiple choice test that everyone must take when trying to join any branch of the military. The ASVAB is timed, meaning that for each section of the test you take, there will be a timer and time limit for that section. The time limit varies each section, so maybe the science section will have a time limit of 15 minutes, and the math might have a time limit of 20 minutes. Overall, the test should be around 2-3 hours long.

What happens after the ASVAB test?

After taking the ASVAB, the person in charge will tell you your scores and give you a sheet to look at and sign then put all the documents into a folder specifically for you. After the first day, you are required to sleep overnight at a hotel that has a program with the MEPS. The reason for this is that people working for MEPS want to make sure that everyone wakes up on time, and gets to the Department of Defense at the same time, so that there won’t be any inconveniences. The required time to wake up is at 4:30am, as the process will take up the whole day. Depending on how many people are also joining on the same day as you, you might have a roommate or you might not.

What is the physical examination like?

Once you get to the Department of Defense, you have to sign in using your social security number and your fingerprint. During the examination, you’ll have to take: a urine test, eyesight test, hearing test and a blood draw. After you do all of the required tests, you will be put into a room with people of the same gender, and in there you’ll have to do some physical activities to make sure your arms and legs are working fine. Some examples are: flapping yours arm, touching each of your fingers with your thumb, and doing the duck walk. Once you finish, you’ll meet individually with the doctor.


Once you finish with the physical examination, you’ll meet up with a counselor from your branch and go over your paperwork. After that, you meet with another counselor working at MEPS to go over your papers and make sure everything you have on your files is real. Once you go through all of these steps, it’s time for you to swear in and make an oath. Swearing in will take about 15-20 minutes, then after that, you’re done at MEPS and officially a part of whichever branch of the military you’ve applied for.

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