Mid-quarter advice

By: Maggie Alarcon

Image taken from: https://www.fuhsd.org/our-schools/middle-college-college-now/middle-college

Finals are around the corner, so you should take this chance that it’s only a bit past mid-quarter to catch up on any missing work and give it your best. Try to take this time as an opportunity to talk to your teachers about your grades if you haven’t already. Or even arrange a time with your teachers to do makeups for a test, projects etc.

I highly recommend to communicate with those around you more, it doesn’t always have just be your teacher, to get the help you need in any class that you don’t understand or need more guidance in. Check if there’s any tutoring sessions going on in school. Another way you can improve your grades during mid-quarter is asking your friends for help as well.

If you are having a test coming up, or any big project that is happening soon, make sure to stay focused and study really hard to do well, or to bring your grades up, especially if they are not looking the best. Study at least an hour or two.

Speak up also, and ask for help if that’s better for you. Don’t just stay quiet and wait until the last minute to try to get help from your teachers. Not all will help you out last minute.

Summer school is not very fun, and I suggest you get to work and don’t procrastinate and leave work to do at the last minute. It will just get harder if you do, and it will become a habit.

Lastly, another good idea that I can suggest is asking an adult, or someone you know you can count on, to check on you and your process being made, like your grades, and to keep pushing you to keep going and motivate you.

I hope these suggestions were helpful!

Image taken from: http://einstein.aasd.k12.wi.us

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