End of the 1st quarter

By:Maggie Alarcon

Image taken from: https://wpsd.net/news/what_s_new/end_of_1st_quarter-10-19-18

When it’s close to the end of the quarter, people tend to start panicking and stressing out about turning in their work on time. Most students leave their work to do, or to turn in, until the last minute and end up getting a bad grade.

Although some teachers are flexible,and extend the due date, or let you turn it in later, you still won’t get the grade that you wanted.

During the end of the quarter, you usually get a summative assignment: either a test, or project, or just work.

Your grade depends on how well you do on the summative and how well you prepare yourself for it. It goes easier for you if you actually put in time and study for it.

The whole week of the end of the quarter is very stressful, and you have a lot of pressure to have everything turned in, making sure your grades are good and everything is in order.

Image taken from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_81867163_raised-hands-and-arms-of-large-group-of-people-in-class-room-audience-voting-in-professional-educati.html

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