Homecoming Game 2018

Highland vs MSB
By: Maggy Alarcon

On Saturday, September 29th, after tailgating at 1pm, the Highland Park Scots football team walked out of the school building while the cheerleaders cheered for them. Then they headed to the stadium to play against MSB (Minnehaha, SPA, Benilde St. Margaret). After that, they started to warm up and get ready. The game began and Highland started off well, but later on, the other team made a comeback.

In the bleachers you could see the crowd cheering loud for Highland. Most students had their faces painted and wore red clothes. That day was very cold many people had blankets. Also, during the game concessions were selling hot chocolate to help people stay warm.

When you saw the cheerleaders, many of them were wearing sweatpants and sweaters underneath their uniforms since the day was pretty cold. The cheerleaders still brought out the school spirit. You couldn’t enjoy the game a lot because of the weather, and most people ended up leaving early.

A player from the Highland Park side name Dawit got a concussion after getting hit by another player from the other side. The players on the other side were big compare to the Highland Park players. They were harder to tackle and throw.

The game ended with Highland losing and MSB winning 35-6.

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