Badminton 2018

This year’s badminton season started on March 9th, with 40 girls joining the team. The team consists of experienced players, along with new players. Most girls are freshmen, with seniors making up the smallest part of the team. The team has new singles players, and old doubles players, who have played on the team the year before. The team is split up into 3 different teams; varsity, junior varsity, and exhibition. Varsity is where the most experienced players are, and goes down from that to Junior Varsity, and Exhibition.

Practice starts at 2:20PM everyday until 4:00PM. Before going right into practice, the girls circle up and then do stretches. The stretches consist of push ups, bicycles, and running back and forth across the gym. During practice, players focus on new skills and work on getting better.

To figure out the lineup for matches, Mrs. Kramer and Mr. Chapman (coaches) hold challenges where people can challenge someone who is above them in line, to see if they can go up. The challenges are the same as an actual badminton match, you have to win 2 out of 3 games, depending on if you need to play 3 games. Each game is to 21 points, but the winner has to be 2 points ahead to be able to count it as a win.

Before going into conference matches, the coaches make non-conference matches so the new players will have a sense of what conference matches are like. Then, on the following week, conference matches start. So far, Varsity has won 2 out of 6 matches, and Junior Varsity has won 4 out of 4.

The coaches’ thoughts on this year’s team is that, everyone is hard working and dedicated, and they show up to practice everyday. They also come to just have fun and experience an athletic sport. The girls’ hopes for this year is to bring more wins, and to improve.

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