Should there be security guards during the day?

Should schools invest on getting security schools during the day?

Especially in high schools, there are a lot of students, and when things go crazy, one teacher can’t really control all of them. There are some schools that don’t have any guards at all.
Guards are usually there after school to check if any misbehavior is happening, or if anything suspicious happens. On this topic, we went around to ask for student opinions if they believe that schools should get security guards during the day.

The questions we asked them were:

1. Do you think schools should get security guards during the day? Why?

2. What do you think guards should do for the school?

3. If schools did get security guards, what do you think would be different?

Loren Sanchez: Yes, because it is far too easy for anyone to get into school property. I think guards should just pretty much check people who aren’t students or staffs. Well, the main difference would be our liberty, for example, students usually work in the hallways and with a cop around, it might make students feel uncomfortable. There might be security checks so students might feel like they don’t have any privacy.

Calista Vang: Yea, I think schools should get at least 2 security guards or more depending on the population of the school. I feel like instead of the vice principal controlling the cameras, the guards should be in charge of that. And also, there should be a camera at every door that leads into the school. I think something that would be different is that every kid might be searched through backpacks for things that shouldn’t be at school.

Sahra Ahmed: No, because then I won’t be able to get out of school. I think guards should just chill and protect us, but like still be serious about their jobs. There are many kids that come together to do things that really aren’t school appropriate, so guards should be more observant. I feel like at first it would cause a lot of problems with the students because a lot of people would get caught ditching class, but I feel like overall it would be beneficial because if something suspicious happens, the guards would be there.

We also interviewed officer Hull, who is an SRO, and asked him the same questions. He has been working here at Highland for 7 years now. This is what he has to say about the topic.

Officer Hull: I don’t know what to say about security guards, but if you ask me if our job was important here, I would say it is absolutely important. I think our kids are really good, they’re doing a lot of great things. There’s nothing much I want to change about the kids. But something about my job I would like to change is that, I want people to understand my job and my actions. I am not here to arrest people, I am here to build strong relationships with people and keep everyone safe.

In the end, people seem pretty divided about this topic. Some see advantages to having more security in school during the day, and some don’t think that it is necessary.

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