The affects of music in Life

Music has existed, and been created, way back when, and is now one of the greatest thing in life. The satisfaction of listening to instruments, melodies, voices, rhythm, etc. Music allows one to “be themselves,” meaning if you favor music, it can soothe peoples feelings, it can make one excited, happy, sad, or it just doesn’t phase you.

Either way, there are people out there that use music to help them in life, or to cope with certain, “extremities.” People could/would listen to sad music whenever they feel sad! Or they listen to exciting music when they’re happy!

All these music genres were created because of how people have different opinions in music, from plain old Jazz music, to Electronic Dance Music.

The way music affects people’s lives are vast. Music can cause many different types of people to be inspired to create music! It can allow people to gift themselves with the talent of singing, dancing, or playing instruments.

People may only listen to music because it has a catchy rythm, or the vocals are understandable and lyrics were interesting, or they like the artist. No matter what the reason, people have listened to music for a long time and it affects peoples lives; especially if people understand the songs of the artists.

Some artist or singers create songs to express their feelings and try to tell a story. The songs themselves are a way to communicate with the listeners. These songs tell a story to people that they could relate to, or understand what the story meant. Many artist are like this, and use different types of music genres to express it.

I surveyed a number of Highland Park Senior High students, who are around my age, and asked them:

  • “Why they listen to music?”
  • “How does it ‘affect; them?”
  • “When do you listen to music?”
  • “Do you listen to music when you’re emotional?”

I asked a total of 10 people, and these were the most common answers.

When I asked why they listened to music, the most common answer was, that music helps calm them down, focus on certain activities/hobbies or makes them feel better.

When I asked how music affected them in life, the top answer given was, how it affects how they think, what they do and how they do things, from hobbies to work.

I then asked them when do they listen to music, and 90% said, whenever they have the time to listen to music. One person said, “Whenever it’s too quiet, I listen to music.”

I then asked, if they listen to music when they’re feeling emotional, and all of the people I surveyed said yes, because of what they were emotional about and how they could relate or be relieved of their emotion at certain times while listening to music, whether it be when they’re sad or happy. One person, out of the ten, said, “I listen to music to relief myself of stress or anything. Let it all out!”

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After surveying all of these people, I’ve learned about them more, what type of music people listen to, and how it affects them. One person that took my survey said they listened to Christian music, which really shocked me, because I never thought about music and religion being related, and how it can affect certain peoples lives.

I learned that in general, music helps people cope with their own “extremities” and express what they go through.


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