The Oscars 2018

The Oscars of 2018 did not include the fiasco of last year’s Best Picture award blunder. The Oscar, this year, for Best Picture, went (unsurprisingly) to The Shape of Water. The Shape of Water is basically the story about a girl who falls in love with a fish (man). That does sound weird without the art involved, but it’s good. Don’t worry. The other nominees for Best Picture were: Get Out, The Post, The Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread, Lady Bird, Call Me by Your Name, Dunkirk, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The Oscar for Best Actor went to Gary Oldman, because he wore a fat suit, and gave one of the best Winston Churchill performances ever.

The award for Best Actress went to Frances McDormand for her stunning performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Best Supporting Actor went to (one of my personal favorites) Sam Rockwell for his performance as a cop in Three Billboards.

Best Supporting Actress went to Allison Janney for her performance in I, Tonya.

One of the most interesting Oscar winners was Kobe Bryant, who won an award for his short film Dear Basketball. Dear Basketball was a short film that played at Kobe’s jersey retirement ceremony, and it details some of the hardships that Kobe went through in his career.

(As always) we had some of what we call “snubs” at this years Oscars. While Jordan Peele did win Best Original Screenplay for Get Out, he could certainly have won Best Director over the actual winner Guillermo Del Toro. Star Wars The Last Jedi got no love, despite its amazing visuals and music. Luckily, at this year’s Oscars, there were no Oscars that went out undeservingly, so these are just my little nitpicks.

It seemed Dunkirk got every award that didn’t include: director, actors, or Best Picture. Dunkirk won in sound design, sound mixing, film editing, and was nominated for Best Original Score.

The Oscars this year were good. They were funny, and just fun all around. It is pretty easy to have more fun when the Academy doesn’t hand out their biggest award to the wrong people.

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