2017 Summer fashion

Fashion trends change every season. Summer ‘16 was full of wearing slip dresses outside of bed, bomber jackets, and baseball/dad caps. Most of these trends are still being worn, but for summer of 2017 there are many new fashion trends. Here are some of them.

Off the shoulder

Anything off the shoulder is super trendy and chic. Many brands are coming out with not only off the shoulder tops, but also with dresses, rompers, and sweaters. You can easily dress them up with a fancy neckless and a pair of heels. Or dress them down with jeans and white sneakers.


Some people like to show a little skin during the summer, and some don’t. Mesh/Sheer clothing is perfect because you can still see through the clothing, but you’re still technically covered up. Sheer clothing is also great swimsuit cover.





Rompers are essential for summer. They’re super quick and easy to put on, and they’re comfortable enough for you to do all your summer activities. They’re my personal favorite.

Floral embroidery

Floral print has been around for ages, and so has embroidery. Combine the two and you have a new trend! Floral embroidery has been put on all dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and everything else you can think of! This will definitely be around for a while.





Bralettes are a way better version of bras. They don’t have underwire, have little to no padding and are stylish. Many people have been wearing them as tops. Styled with jackets, and nice pants, they’re good for when it’s super hot outside.  

Logo T-shirts

This is the simplest but most popular trend of all of them. People have been styling t-shirts in many different ways. More specifically, oversized and logo t-shirts. Some of the most common logos include Adidas, Nike, and Thrasher. These are easy and affordable to find and can be styled in many ways.


Freshmen year

My freshman year was really fun and enjoyable. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be before I came to high school. Since I was new to Highland, there weren’t many people that I knew except for some freshman that came from my middle school, but I made friends throughout my freshman year.

High school isn’t really hard, unless you don’t do your work, study, etc. so, that’s some advice for the new upcoming freshmen. High school is fun, if you don’t make it boring and not fun. In my opinion, all of my classes were fun, both academic and non-academic. I was able to be in Beginning Drawing, Beginning Painting, and Newspaper, all of those elective classes were really fun, but I liked Beginning Drawing and Newspaper more. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, which was Newspaper and that was nice. I recommend students to join Newspaper, and try it because they might find it fun too.

Also, the club that I joined at Highland was ACC, which is known also as, Asian Culture Club. ACC was fun; I was able to participate in performances and the activities that they had planned.

I was also able to play on the Badminton team this year. Badminton was really fun, and the season went really well, there were many good players, everyone got along with each other, and we all worked really well with each other.

The best part of my freshman year was being able to try out the different elective classes that I had, and being part of ACC, and the Badminton team. Another best part of my freshman year was, being myself and being able to have fun in all the activities that I participated in.  

Overall, my freshman year was really fun. I have many fun and enjoyable moments in my freshman year. I hope to have an even better year, within the next year, and throughout my high school career.

NHL Expansion Draft

The NHL Expansion Draft is coming up soon, at the NHL Awards on Wednesday, June 21st. Las Vegas will host the new NHL team at T-Mobile Arena. The team called the Vegas Golden Knights are the new NHL Expansion team and each time there is a new Expansion team, they are allowed to draft one player from each of the 30 other teams. Each team can protect either 7 forwards, 3 defenseman and 1 goalie or 8 skaters and 1 goalie. All 1st and 2nd year players, and unsigned drafted players are exempt from being drafted. The Vegas Golden Knights will also be receiving the 6th pick in the 2017 NHL Draft.

Each team will likely lose an important asset because the Golden Knights will probably only take players under age 31 for safety, as those players are young and should be able to play longer than the veterans. Some of the top players likely to be drafted are Ducks’ RW Jakob Silfverberg, Wild’s D Marco Scandella, Predator’s C Colton Sissons, Penguin’s G Marc-Andre Fluery, and Maple Leafs’ C Leo Komarov. All of these players are either just finding their game or still have some game left in them. Colton Sissons is likely to be protected after having an unbelievable postseason with Nashville. The Vegas Golden Knights have already signed three non-NHLers: Reid Duke, Vadim Shipcahynov, and Tomas Hyka.

The Vegas Golden Knights are likely to not be a playoff team for a few years, but the Wild are well known for making the Western Conference Finals in just their 3rd season of play back in 2003, as an Expansion team. The Golden Knights have been fairly criticized as more of a 100% money, 0% hockey, reasoning as to why Las Vegas is getting a hockey team. I believe it was not a great move by the NHL for the fans morale. A popular and devoted city like Seattle is a town most fans believe deserves a hockey team. Especially after their basketball team left not too long ago. For now, all the fans can do is wait and see how this Expansion plays out.