History Day


Ms. Bonk

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Highland Park Senior High held a showcase for History Day projects in the cafeteria. Students in Ms. Bonk’s and Mr. Berndt’s accelerated history classes were required to complete a History Day project. Each year, History Day has a new theme, and students must find a topic, in history, that relates to that theme. This year’s theme was “Taking a Stand in History.” Some of the topics that were chosen include: LGBTQ Rights, Black History, and Women’s Rights.

There are 5 different ways a student can present their project, they are: exhibits, websites, documentaries, performances, and a paper. Students that choose to present something, other than a paper, can work in a group of 2 or 3 people. If a student chooses to complete a paper, then they have to work individually.

There is the opportunity for students to compete in History Day beyond their Freshman year, if they so choose. This year, there were 2 Sophomores, and 2 Juniors working on History Day. There was also an entire 11th grade regular history class completing the paper for History Day.

Judges come and evaluate student presentations. Each type of presentation has their own criteria that is judged, and each is judged at least twice by two different judges.

The students are encouraged to wear formal outfits on the presentation day. The presentations are then graded and the teachers in charge of History Day will decide who makes it to the next round known as Regionals. Regionals judging is a little different; students from different schools who made it to Regionals will have a specific time when they are judged. The judges will ask questions about your topic and observe your presentation.

If students pass Regionals then they move on to the State History Day competition. The project itself is very competitive so students thrive to make the best out of it.

This year’s Highland History Day went well and there were many interesting topics that students chose.

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