J.A.M. – How to pass your permit test

Hello, this is Jane, Alandra,  and Michelle and we have recently received the question: “I’m about to take my permit test what will help me pass ?”

We have all gone through drivers ed, and have gotten our permits, so here are some great methods that can help you out. We would like to say that the permit test is fairly easy and mostly based on common sense, a few laws, and signs.

When teens go to driver’s ed, the first thing they receive is a manual. Many overlook this essential tool, tossing it on their bedside table and completely disregarding it. If you’re smart, you won’t do this though, as it’s like the study guide for your permit test, and along with notes taken in class, looking over your manual is key to acing your permit test. Reading helps information process thoroughly in our minds, helping the jumbled words from instructors come together to make sense. When looking over your manual, take it in as if it is a textbook for one of your academic classes, memorizing key points and phrases. The manual gives you headings, which helps you when taking your own notes. Use this valuable tool to your advantage.

Along with your manual, one thing that really helps is studying with good and specific notes. During drivers ed, you are supposed to be taking in everything the instructor tells you, so notes are really helpful. You should go over the notes you receive and highlight the important things (measurements, traffic laws, signs, and symbols). After you have highlighted what you think is important, then you should look over them, maybe make a game with them, have someone quiz you, and anything else that you will think will help.

Another method to use, besides reading, is observing things as you’re in the car with an experienced driver. It is extremely crucial to ask questions and get comfortable with certain signs, intersections, and proper driving etiquette. Many of the questions on the test are easier to remember once you have asked and/or discussed the laws and scenarios that come with driving. Talk with your parents, go over your quizzes from drivers ed, and you’ll be ready to get your permit!

Overall, the permit test isn’t something you should overthink. With these helpful strategies you’re basically guaranteed to pass. Once you arrive at the facility to take your test, stay calm and try remembering everything you’ve worked so hard to learn. If you’ve studied enough you’ll be out the door and ready to drive!

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