New lunch schedule

This year’s HPSH lunch schedule changed to first lunch being after 3rd hour and second lunch being after 4th hour, whereas the last school year  had first lunch after 4th hour and second lunch after 5th hour. Since I had first lunch last year, I was interested in seeing what they do the same and what is different between the two lunches, and I also wanted to see what impact the change in time had on people.

I went to visit first lunch and talked to my friends asking them how they felt about the new schedule. One of them didn’t mind at all about the schedule. The other said that you get used to it pretty quickly, but added on that they do feel hungry later on.

The lunch room didn’t seem as crowded during first lunch, but there were still a lot of people. People who bring their own lunch can go and eat outside near the link.

Something different about first lunch from second lunch is that in second lunch, we have to wait until 11:19 to be able to leave and wait down by the Link, whereas for first lunch, they can leave to wait at the Link whenever they finish their food.

I soon found out later that the reason why the lunch schedule was changed is because the Junior High’s schedule didn’t fit at all, because they moved back to a six period day, so they decided to change the lunch schedule instead of classes.

I think this year’s lunch will be just fine, hopefully everyone thinks so too. Even though a lot of people started off the year complaining about how early lunch was, they quickly became used to it.

Below are copies of the old lunch schedule and the new schedule for comparison.



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