Kite Runner Book Review


image taken from Goodreads

The Kite Runner is about the coming of age story of a man named Amir. He grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan with a childhood friend that was inseparable growing up. Amir betrays Hassan’s trust, and they are separated. While Amir goes to America, and Hassan stays in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and the Taliban takes over Afghanistan after the Soviets leave. When Amir comes back to Afghanistan post war, he realizes he has to make up for betraying Hassan, when they were children, by rescuing Hassan’s son, who now is an orphan.

This novel is a heart racing story about the impact of class and politics as they play out in people’s lives. It also gives a more human emotion to the lives of refugees that we don’t regularly see. Amir’s Dad, Baba, loses all his wealth in America, and has to work hard labor jobs in the U.S. This is a similar story to many immigrants.

This book is worth your time, and will definitely have you more interested in Afghan culture and refugee life. The journey that people take to get to a better life is sometimes frightful, but bravery comes through people while fleeing a country. This in turns shows how people are able to help one another through the kindness of their hearts.

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