Balancing work and school

~b420783Like many high school students, you may work part time. A good thing about the experience of working isn’t only that you earn money but it also challenges and teaches you by teaching you new things about yourself.

Before getting a job consider how you will handle juggling your work and school work. While considering this decision talk to a parent and ask questions like: “How can I manage my time to make school and a job work for me?” and “What type of job will work best with my schedule, skills, and personality?”

Once you have a part time job consider some strategies like, starting slowly and not committing to working a lot of hours right way. Also, use your time efficiently, for example, if you have time before your shift starts to do homework do it before because after working you’ll probably be too tired to do anything and it gives you a chance to go to bed earlier.

A job can benefit you by teaching you about commitment, time management, responsibility, and handling money. Also, it helps you explore career directions and reaching your goals too.

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